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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Why Every Blogger Is Wearing This #8008135 Shirt Right Now

By Blair Stutz


In blogger world, there are rare times when you want to scroll through your feed and find that everyone else you know is wearing the same shirt that you just posted. The exception? When you see your peers coming together, by wearing the same shirt, to support a worthy cause.

If you’ve logged in to your Instagram account lately, there’s a good chance you’ll have seen these #8008135  tees styled by some of Canada’s top bloggers and influencers with pride. The shirts themselves are all part of a new collection from H&M and Rethink Breast Cancer that’s part of a socially-driven breast health campaign developed by Toronto’s very own creative powerhouse agency, Sid Lee. Obvs we are super into everything about it from its booby-saving initiative to the major Hotline Bling reference (because #Drake).

800815 Rethink Breast Cancer H&M

These shirts are not only cheeky (8008135 on a calculator spells out BOOBIES, duh) but 100% of the profits from every shirt purchased go directly to support the needs of young women who are concerned or affected by the disease. This years campaign is specifically targeting young women and girls and Rethink Breast Cancer is on a mission to debunk myths, like, if your jeans cause cancer or not. Do they though, you ask? Watch the #8008135  ‘Broken Telephone‘ video below to find out:

In an effort to make it easier and less intimidating for teens to seek out answers to their questions about breast health, risk, and cancer, the first ever breast health ‘hotline’ bot has been created to allow teens to chat with an expert via Facebook Messenger. If you’re interested in chatting with someone now, please click HERE to start your conversation.
The 5 t-shirt H&M x Rethink #8008135 limited-edition collection designed by Sid Lee is currently available at select H&M stores across Canada. Take a look below to see how some of our favourite Canadian bloggers and influencers styled their #8008135 lewks!

Sabrina & Didier

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Lex Niko

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Amanda Rach Lee

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Cher My Closet

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Les Best

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Yours Truly

hm x rethink breast cancer sid lee

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Get your shirts now before they’re gone! Do it for the BOOBIES!!



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