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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Here’s How You Can Find The Perfect Eye Frame For Your Face Shape

By Carmela Valencia

woman wearing geometrical sunglasses

A good pair of glasses will complete your look even when you’re wearing a simple outfit, like t-shirt and sweats. Put on the right type of sunnies, and it would look like your street style-ready. But it’s not enough to wear the current trending eyewear. No, the frame has to fit your face shape to enhance it better and complement your face.

Ughh, but that can be a hassle, you might say. Not really. But just in case, our friends from BonLook kindly gave us some tips on finding the right eyewear frame for your face shape.

Whether you’re wearing glasses for style or for comfort, finding the right eyewear frame for your face shape is key to confidence. Before diving in and purchasing a pair, here are a few things to remember:

The upper rim should follow your brow line. This allows for the glasses to blend in harmoniously with your features.

Your eyes should be centred in each lens. This is useful for both aesthetic and optical reasons: it ensures optimal vision as well as pleasant symmetry.

The lower rim shouldn’t touch your cheeks. This can cause all sorts of discomforts like fogging up, slipping off your nose, or leaving red marks on your skin.

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For the Oval Face Shape

Bonlook frames for oval face shape

Jetsetter ($179)Fantasy ($89.50)

Oval face shape is often interchanged with the term “long face.” That’s because this face shape is longer than it is wide, and the chin and jawline area are rounded. To add structure to this type of face shape, rectangular or geometric frames are the way to go. Oversize frames can also be fun, and fit well with oval faces.

For the Round Face Shape

Bonlook frames for round face shape

Sonia ($209); Lawrence ($179)

Just like the oval face shape, round faces have rounded chins and jawlines. But unlike the former, round face shapes are typically symmetrical, with the chin and forehead having the same width and length. Round face shapes also don’t have any angles or edges. This means that people with a round face shape don’t typically have prominent cheekbones, jawline, et cetera.

To add structure and distinct lines to the face, go for a square or rectangular frame.

For the Angular or Square Face Shape

Bonlook frames for square face shapes

Subrosa ($179); Sunday ($209)

A square face shape is quite similar to a round face shape, in the sense that the face is similar in width and length. The only difference is that the jaw has a slight curve and sharper angle. Round or aviator frames are the best fashion pick to soften these angular features.

For the Heart Face Shape

Bonlook eye frames for heart face shape

Vesta ($179); Brave ($179)

Heart face shapes tend to have a wider forehead and cheekbones. This face shape gives you an angled chin and a slender jawline. Most of the time, those with heart-shaped faces have a widow’s peak at their hairline, but some don’t. In that case, think of an inverted triangle. Oval-shaped frames are a good match for this kind of face shape as it helps soften and balance out any angles.




(Story by Assistant Editor, Carmela Valencia)

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