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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Hot Chef In The City: Get To Know Montreal’s Chef Stefano Faita

By Blair Stutz


Over here at #TeamE7, we get to eat some pretty elaborate dishes at some pretty fabulous restaurants and while that’s all fine and good, sometimes we like to get down with a simple plate of fresh pasta with a simple sauce. Speaking of pasta sauce, why is it so tricky to find one without any unpronounceable ingredients and added sugar? Turns out Montreal’s own Chef Stefano Faita–who you might know from his CBC show In The Kitchen With Stefano Faita–was wondering the same thing and created his own line of gourmet sauces that are free from chemicals and are made using only the good stuff.

At a recent event at Dish Cooking Studio, we got to cook alongside Chef Stefano himself and his partner Michele Forgione to make cavatelli (which are very similar to gnocchi) from scratch. Chef used his creamy RosĂ© sauce and added prosciutto, mushrooms and onions to create a quick and easy meal that you’d never know was created using jarred pasta sauce.

Chef Stefano’s sauces are classics and clean–only filled with the best good-for-you ingredients. We’d definitely recommend making these a new pantry staple for those late (or lazy) nights when you need a great meal, fast.

With his charm and passion (and, okay, his good looks too!) we knew Chef Stefano Faita was a perfect fit for our latest Hot Chef in The City series.

Keep reading to get to know Chef Stefano!

Stefano Faita Hot Chef Edit Seven

Name: Stefano Faita

Age: 42

Hometown: Montreal

Restaurants: Impasto, Pizzeria Gema and Chez Tousignant

Edit Seven: What is your favourite type of food and why?

Stefano Faita: My favourite food is Pizza because you can be very creative with toppings and you eat it with your hands. I love anything I can eat with my hands!

E7: Where is your favourite place to eat or drink on your day off?

SF: My favourite place to eat on my day off is at the Jean Talon Market in Montreal’s Little Italy. I love going to hang out at the market and taste whatever is the freshest and in season.


E7: Where is your ultimate foodie destination?

SF: I have a soft spot for New York City. The energy, vibe of the city mixed with a melting pot of cultures. You can eat any kind of food well made.

E7: If you were trapped on an island and could only have 3 ingredients with you, what would they be?

SF: Country Loaf, olive oil and parmigiano reggiano cheese.

E7: What would you want to do for a living if you weren’t a Chef?

SF: Before getting into the kitchen I spent a few years working as a graphic designer. I really enjoyed that so I would probably get into that again.

E7: What’s your favourite food memory?

SF: My girlfriend organized a surprise party with my friends and family for my 40th birthday at a cottage in the Laurentians. A few of my chef friends prepared a huge lobster bake with clams and sweet corn. We also grilled a few 3 inch Porterhouse steaks, ate my uncle Rudy’s famous scampi  and made a 6 foot long Italian deli sandwich. We finished the meal with a giant ice cream cake from Dairy Queen!

Pizzeria Gema Master Plan Pizza

E7: Who (living or dead) would you invite to a dinner party?

SF: I would invite my mom, my partner Michele Forgione, Martin Picard from Montreal’s Au Pied de Cochon and my girlfriend Isabelle with my 3 children (Emilia, Anna and Dario)

E7: What food trend are you not down with?

SF: If it tastes good I’m down with it…if it doesn’t then pass!!!

E7: We know you own a few restairants but if you were to order for us right now off any of your current menus, what would you order?

SF: I would order the Master Plan Pizza from Gema. It’s the pizza of the month at the moment created by our good friend Afrim Prestine from The Cheese Boutique…I love cheese!

E7: What’s your fave kitchen tool/appliance and why?

SF: It is definitely my chef knife because it is the tool I use the most in the kitchen. Knives are a very personal piece of equipment!

E7: What’s something you could eat everyday and not get sick of?

SF: Pizza…nothing further!

Chef Stefano’s sauces are available at Sobey’s for $5.99

For more info on Chef, click HERE! 



(Story by Assistant Editor, Blair Stutz)

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