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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

How To Hide Your Holiday Hangover When You’re Hungover AF

By Ainsley Smith

how to hide your hangover tips

We’ve all been there before, and sadly, far too many times. You either went too hard at the office Christmas party, threw back a few too many tequila shots with your high school besties, or slammed a few extra glasses of wine at a family event to keep sane when your relatives continued to ask when you’re getting married.

Regardless of what route you took, a wild holiday event can lead to an uncomfortable morning. Especially when you’re expected to look (and act) presentable in front of your colleagues or family members the following am.

So, if you really put the merry in Merry Christmas, we’ve put together the ultimate action plan that will leave you looking far better than you feel this holiday season. You can thank us later.

Before You Fall Asleep, Don’t Skip The Cleanser

glossier milk jelly cleanser how to hide your hangover edit seven beauty

Regardless of how intoxicated you get, break out a good, hydrating cleanser like Glossier’s Milky Jelly Cleanser. Waking up with a fresh face will help you look radiant, even if you feel far from it. If you got a little more lit than the Christmas tree, at the very least, use a makeup wipe to remove your makeup before you hit the sheets.

Hydrate, Hydrate And Did We Mention Hydrate?

summer fridays jet lag mask how to hide your hangover edit seven beauty

We all know how dehydrating alcohol is, especially when you’re tossing back countless rum and eggnogs, which will directly affect your skin. Not only do we recommend drinking at least two glasses of water before bed, but you should also slather on an intensive leave on face mask to work overtime while you sleep. Our current favourite is Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask because it works absolute wonders on tired skin that is in need of a little TLC after a night out thanks to its plumping and supercharged hydrating properties.

Snooze With A Sleep Mask

silk eye sleeping mask how to hide your hangover edit seven beauty

You can ensure that you have the ultimate beauty sleep by wearing a silk sleep mask to block out any pesky lights and distractions. We recommend opting for a high-quality silk version, like Slip’s Silk Sleep Masks because they aid in the prevention of wrinkles, puffy eyes and dark circles while providing exceptional light protection to your eyes so you can get the full night’s sleep you need.

The Morning After, Mask The Night Before

garnier moisture bomb sheet mask how to hide your hangover edit seven beauty

If you can refrain from hitting the snooze button and can give yourself an extra few minutes to get ready in the morning, a mask that treats dehydrated skin will be your saviour. #TeamE7 is obsessed with Garnier’s Moisture Bomb mask as only after ten minutes of wear, dehydrated skin is left looking visibly smoother and hydrated. Plus, you really can’t beat its drugstore price (it will cost you less than a round of drinks at the bar).

Double Your Caffeine Intake

100 pure caffeine eye cream how to hide your hangover edit seven beauty

While a cup (or two) of coffee is a given after a night of libations, caffeine also works wonders on tired, hungover skin. As part of your morning beauty routine, use an eye cream infused with caffeine because it will help reduce puffiness and minimize dark circles. Our go-to is 100% Pure’s Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream, because it contains anti-inflammatory ingredients to improve the appearance of puffy under-eyes and brighten dark circles. Not to mention its anti-ageing vitamins, antioxidants, and nourishing Rosehip Oil leave the eye area looking more awake and youthful. And trust us, you’ll quickly implement this into your everyday beauty regiment.

Treat Your Locks

ogx bamboo dry shampoo how to hide your hangover edit seven beauty

Yes, a shower is a given, along with washing your hair. But that might mean waking up even earlier, which is a luxury not all of us can afford after a night out. This is why dry shampoo is a MUST. After you shower, douse your roots with a volumizing dry shampoo like OGX’s Bodifying and Bamboo Full because it’s blended with bamboo fibres and plant collagen to revive volume and body while absorbing oil. This means you can head to wherever it is you’re supposed to be with second or third-day hair, that looks like it just had a salon blowout #blessed.

Highlight, Highlight, And More Highlight

charlotte tilbury highlighter how to hide your hangover edit seven beauty

Regardless if you wake up looking and feeling as flawless as Queen Bey, chances are you still won’t have an enviable natural glow, which is why you’re going to have to fake it until you make it. Before you head out for the day, swipe a dewy highlighter across your cheeks and eyebrow line. We can’t get enough of Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Beauty Light Wand because it’s the ultimate dewy illuminator that gives you an instant celebrity-worthy highlight.



(Story by Contributing Editor, Ainsley Smith, Illustrations by Susan Driscoll)

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