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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

What I Did To Improve My Hair Growth In 3 Short Months

By Gracie Carroll

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Gracie Carroll - PRIORIN hair growth review

If you caught my recent post on my hair growth journey, you’ll already be familiar with my struggle with hair thinning throughout my twenties. As someone who has had a ridiculously full mane for most of their (younger) life, I can’t even begin to explain how much stress and worry constant hair thinning can bring, especially to a young woman – in the media world no less! I mean, isn’t it the guys who are supposed to deal with this stuff?

Unfortunately, not always. According to this very relatable (at least, in my case) article on Marie Claire, the idea that hair thinning only happens to men, or to women going through menopause, “is a myth”. In fact, the same article shares a stat that the average age for women dealing with thinning hair is 25 to 35. Currently sitting at 29-and-a-half-years-old, I guess I’m right there in the middle.

So what I have I done to make my poor hair strands so sad? Could it be my love for fresh blowouts to keep up with my shoots and TV appearances? Stress from dealing with the madness that is my life? Are my hormones totally out of whack? It could be any of those things, and more.

As it so often happens when you Google something medical or health related on the internet, you are often (and very quickly) lead to believe that you have some sort of awful and incurable disease. Sure, if you are seriously concerned you should obviously go see your doctor, but considering I’ve kept up with my check ups and blood work in recent months, I feel pretty confident that my concerns are not crazy serious. I mean, I’ve still got a pretty healthy amount of hair on my head after all.

So what changes have I made to try and improve my hair growth and keep it healthy? A few things. Firstly, I’ve tried my best to reduce and manage my stress and anxiety levels this year. I have a tendency to completely over-pack my schedule so this year I’ve tried to keep things calmer, clearer and quieter. So far it’s worked, and I’ve felt more ‘balanced’ than I have in a long time. Secondly, I’ve been more mindful of the types of foods I eat to help nourish my body and hair. If you caught my post on some of the simple things I do to enhance my hair growth journey, you’ll notice I highlighted that eating more chia seeds and starting your day with greens can help benefit your hair. The third thing that I’ve done to help my hair get to it’s #happyplace this year is begin to take PRIORIN – a supplement that’s been specifically developed to help your hair grow. Since PRIORIN recommends committing to at least a 3 month period to see results, I’ve been diligently ingesting their capsules twice a day for the past few months to see what they can do.

Gracie Carroll - PRIORIN hair growth review

Now that the 3-month mark has passed, it’s time to share the results. Over all, my hair feels strong, healthy, shiny and soft. I can’t say that I’ve noticed a huge change in the length of my hair, but, as mentioned in my first post about my hair growth journey, I recently got a fresh chop to stop my ends from getting too crunchy – which is something I do pretty often. One obvious sign of growth that I’ve noticed is that amount of new hairs on my head, and their length. Sure, static flyaway hairs aren’t always what you want, but, to me, at least they represent a future with the return of my fuller hair, once again.

Gracie Carroll - PRIORIN hair growth review

While my 3-month trial may have come to an end, I’m happy to report that I’ve decided to extend my consumption of PRIORIN capsules to 6 months to see if it continues to help improve the growth of my hair. Considering that taking PRIORIN has been as easy as adding another vitamin to the mix of my daily intake, what’s a few more months?

If you, like me, are a woman in the 25-35 age bracket who is concerned about the health of her hair, I would recommend trying it out for yourself to help boost your hair growth, and confidence. After all, at this age it seems that our social lives are almost completely made up of birthday milestones, bridal showers, weddings, baby showers and more, which means there’s no better time to make sure that your hair looks ON FLEEK in the most natural way possible.

For more information on PRIORIN, please click HERE.



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