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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Interested in Aura Reading? Meet Rose Aura Founder Evelyn Salvarinas

By Kait Fowlie

Aura Reading Toronto - Rose Aura - Evelyn Salvarinas

 If you’ve ever been scrolling the gram and come across a pic of someone who appears to be shrouded in a ghostly cloud of colours, you probably wondered WTF you’re looking at. The answer is: A lot more than you might think. An aura photograph is, in essence, a snapshot of your aura or, human energy field, which comprises a unique blend of hues, shapes, and intensities. Everyone has a unique aura, which changes all the time depending on factors like our mood, physical and mental state, and overall focus in life. Getting your aura photographed can tell you a lot about who you are.

At first blush though: an aura photo will likely prompt more questions than answers – which is where aura reading comes in. This is what Evelyn Salvarinas, the founder of Rose Aura, has built her business around. We asked her how exactly she does what she does, where aura colours come from, and how we can keep our vibes bright.

Keep reading to meet the Founder of Aura Rose, Evelyn Salvarinas:

Aura Reading Toronto - Rose Aura - Evelyn Salvarinas

Edit Seven: How did you become interested in the energy body and chakras – and how did you discover aura photography?

Evelyn Salvarinas: Since childhood, I have always had an understanding of energy that comes from my parents and grandparents, and was always aware that energy can affect others. My awareness of chakras began when I was living and working in New York, and decided to visit Magic Jewelry. My first aura photograph was right after I had a fight, and I was all throat and brow chakra with pink over my heart. The reader told me I was sad and tired, and handed the photo to me. I knew that there was more to the photo than those words, and began doing my own research to provide myself with an interpretation.

I continued doing this until I moved back to Toronto, and was seeking out someone to take this picture for me, however no one had the right equipment. I knew that this was something special that needed to exist in my city, and Rose Aura was born.


E7: What kind of camera do you use for your portraits? How does the technology work?

ES: I use an AuraCam6000, which was designed and built by Guy Coggins. The camera has two hand sensors that connect to the camera. Your hands are connected to your organs, and your organs are connected to your chakras, so when you place your hands on the sensors they send the information to the camera and show your open chakras.

What is most special about my process is the use of FujiFilm FP-100C a discontinued and rare film that provides the best and truest photos. Since it has been discontinued, people have switched to the cheaper and smaller Instax, that provides you with less information and poorer quality. I am proud to use the original technology, and not an instant or digital version.

Evelyn Salvarinas Rose Aura 2

E7: How much of your work happens after the picture is taken? What goes into the reading of the aura?

ES: After the photo is taken, I explain the chakra system and how the camera works, then begin to interpret the colours for the individual sitter. While the colours appear similar, my job is to discern the different hues within each spectrum to analyze what they mean, as a less vibrant version of a colour means something different than the bright manifestation of that colour. Sometimes, as I am doing this I will get intuitive messages for certain people, but I regard myself as a translator. I am not telling people anything that they don’t already know; I view the photo as the sitter telling themselves what they need to hear, and I am simply reiterating that to them.


E7: How often do auras change colours / shapes, and why do they change?

ES: Auras change second to second. Your aura is your biochemical energy field, which is something we understand scientifically, but cannot see. If we could see our energy field, we would be able to see that it was comprised of the colours of our chakras. Chakras are spinning energy centers from the base of your spine to the top of your head and above. As each chakra is spinning on its own axis they can grow or shrink depending on the individual’s thoughts, feelings, and physical states.


E7: What colours do you commonly see in the people you photograph?

ES: I most commonly see tired energy around people’s physical bodies, indicating that the majority of people really don’t take enough time for themselves. In today’s capitalist society telling us that time is money, and we aren’t working hard enough, the most common thing I tell people is to slow down. Everything about our generation is a “hustle” and it’s important to give the reminder that we need to be our own priority.


E7: How can we keep our auras healthy / vibrant?

ES: Sleep! The easiest way to keep your aura vibrant is to be well rested. When awake, make sure that you are focused on your breath, and don’t forget to breathe deeply (extra points for meditation). Kundalini yoga is a great way to strengthen your chakras, as well as reiki, and the use of crystals. Remember: if it feels good for you, it is good for your aura. To clear my energy, I use clearing spray, and always carry a piece of selenite with me.

For ore information on Rose Aura, visit RoseAura.ca



(Story by Contributing Editor, Kait Fowlie)

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