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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Lymphatic Drainage Massage: Hype or the Real Deal?

By Brittany Johnson


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It’s hard to scroll through your social media without seeing shocking before-and-after photos under the heading “Lymphatic Drainage Massage.” Side-by-side photos comparing puffy legs and torsos to tight, taut, sculpted ones have prompted us to take a closer look.

In a recent Vogue article, Naomi Campbell touts lymphatic drainage massage as her “secret weapon” for runway-ready legs. If it’s good enough for one of the worlds’ top models, we knew we needed to investigate.

What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

The lymphatic system is a delicate network of nodes and vessels that run throughout your entire body. Your lymph first absorbs and then filters fluid that contains waste and bacteria before essentially bringing the purified fluid back into your bloodstream. The entire system is dependent on muscle contractions to move the fluid along, as opposed to having a “pump” to push the fluid. It works with the intricacies of your body to aid in speeding up fluid circulation and flushing out toxins, which is key to the overall health of your cells and body.


What to Expect During Your Treatment?

Your therapist will likely start in the center of the body and then move toward the extremities, using specific pushing techniques to move the fluid more effectively. They will stimulate the regional lymph nodes, which target specific areas. Stimulating these “control centers” helps flush any excess fluid they may be holding onto.

Your therapist will be working with the fluid layer, which sits on top of your muscle bed, so you may notice the massage doesn’t feel as deep as a regular massage where they are manipulating your muscles.

Lymphatic drainage massage can also aid in post-surgery recovery as well as pre- and post-pregnancy.

The Verdict?

This is the real deal. If you’re looking for a contour for an event or specific occasion, this massage is sure to provide you with a more svelte physique. But be aware: The lymph system is constantly at work, so the contour element of the massage will be a temporary fix.

While lymphatic work may feel a little less relaxing and a little more like kneading bread, the results internally and externally will make this your “secret weapon,” too.

Now if it could only get us Naomi’s famous legs . . .

Where to book in Toronto:

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(Story by Contributing Editor, Brittany Johnson)

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