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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Microblading Eyebrows Before and After with Curve Brows

By Gracie Carroll


You may recall my friend Hana, the “Eyebrow Queen” from my post on the 4 Women I Rely On For The Best Hair Removal In Toronto, or perhaps from when I tried laser hair removal for the first time, OR more recently when we created a video to share my HydraFacial experience, with her!

I see Hana quite regularly to have my eyebrows threaded, and recently she asked me if I would be interested in trying Microblading – an innovative new technique in the beauty world – courtesy of her booming company, Curve Brows.

In case you haven’t heard of Microblading yet, it is a series of small incisions that are made across the eyebrow, creating multiple hair strokes for incredibly natural looking results. A pigment is used in a similar way to tattooing, however, the Microblading technique results in a look that makes it nearly impossible to tell that any sort of beauty enhancement was used. Seriously, it looks SO natural it’s actually unbelievable.

Since I already have thick eyebrows, Hana asked if I knew anyone who would be interested in trying it out instead. I instantly thought of my cousin and BFF (who is also named Hana!) since she always says she can’t leave the house without “putting her eyebrows on”. I hate the idea of anyone feeling like you can’t possibly leave the house without applying makeup, and so I set her up with a Microblading appointment, and to be our model for the video above. Check it out to see the before and after results, along with the full process from start to finish!
As the Queen of Eyebrows, it’s no surprise that Hana would have developed an extremely thorough measuring system for Curve Brows to find the perfect eyebrow shape based on the symmetry of each and every face. This is a pretty incredible technique that she now teaches to her students around the world to ensure they’re also able to create the best, most flattering and most natural looking eyebrows for any client.
Since her first session, I’ve already seen a huge change in the shape and thickness of my cousin Hana’s eyebrows – and she hasn’t even been in for the second round, yet! Hana, the eyebrow expert, says normally you go in for 2 sessions to enhance anything further after one month. Less is more, to start, nah mean?
For more information on Mircoblading and services by Hana, please visit CurveBrows.com.

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