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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

My Korean-Canadian Spicy Kimchi Caesar Recipe

By Gracie Carroll

Did you know that National Caesar Day is coming up on May 18th? As a Canadian, I couldn’t wait to get creative with a new Caesar cocktail recipe creation, and as a half-Korean I was inspired to give it an extra spicy twist with some good ol’ kimchi!

I’m super happy with how this recipe turned out and I hope you enjoy it too. I mean, hello, there’s a spring roll involved! Tip: I used the Hamburger Spring Rolls from PC which are the bomb.com and you NEED to try them if you haven’t already.

This recipe was made with the delicious new French’s Caesar which is made with 100% Canadian tomatoes (whoohoo!) and because I’m a freak for spice I opted to use the French’s Caesar Fully Loaded version for even more of a kick. But, you can totally opt to use the original version and I promise it will be just as good.

See below for my Spicy Kimchi Caesar recipe, and to see a number of cameos by Little Olive!


Spicy Kimchi Caesar Recipe

What You Need:

Olive is the best assistant EVER and she 100% approves of this recipe!

What To Do:




*Please note this recipe was brought to you in partnership with French’s Caesar*


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