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24 Sep 2017


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By Gracie Carroll

My Top 5 Healthy Lunch Spots in Toronto for FLARE

By Gracie Carroll

Healthy Lunch Spots Toronto - Equinox

Even in that freelance life, keeping up with making and packing your own healthy lunches ain’t easy. As I shared in my recent post on my favourite pre and post workout meals at Equinox, I thought I would have more time to cook at home once I left my 9-5 job last year, but since then the opposite has proven to be true. Now I find myself eating out while I’m on the go on the daily, and I’m always on the hunt for the healthiest options so my health and diet don’t have to suffer just because of my busy schedule. When FLARE as all of their Localists to put together a list of their favourite healthy lunch spots in their city, my only trouble was figuring out how I would narrow down my top spots to only 5. If you’re looking to up your lunch game to benefit your health, here are my top 5 healthy lunch spots in Toronto!


Impact Kitchen

Where: 573 King St. E., impactkitchen.ca

The menu: Minimally processed, nutrient-rich, real food that includes everything from vegan power balls and cups of bone broth to the ultimate paleo lunch bowls.

My go-to: The Warrior Power Bowl has got me so hooked, I order it every time I visit. With steamed rice, arugula, pickled onion, micro sprouts, black pitted olives, basil, mint, creamy hummus and an added toping of their succulent pulled chicken, can you blame me?

The atmosphere: A bigger space along the sleepy (but up-and-coming) East King East strip, it’s clearly a welcome addition to the Riverside neighbourhood and is always buzzing with customers.

Average wait time: 5 to 10 minutes

Average cost for lunch (meal + beverage): $20


IQ Food Co.

Where: Multiple locations, including inside Equinox Yorkville and 100 Wellington St. W., iqfoodco.com

The menu: If you’re looking for healthy, seasonal food that you can grab in a hurry, this is the place for you. Not only is the food at IQ good for you, but each meal is sustainable and balanced, to help bring some inner peace to your hectic day.

My go-to: I’m always hungry for one of their hearty boxes after a killer workout at Equinox, and I’m particular smitten with the Southern-influenced Lima box that features oven-roasted chicken with spicy corn, black beans, grape tomatoes, jalapeños, hot sauce and more. If you only have time for a smoothie, try the Peaches + Green.

The atmosphere: A very chic fast food counter that puts the rest of the food court to shame!

Average wait time: 5 to 10 minutes

Average cost for lunch (meal + beverage): $20


Kupfert & Kim

Where: 140 Spadina Ave., plus multiple locations in the Financial District, kupfertandkim.com

The menu: Dedicated to “wheatless and meatless” meals, Kupfert & Kim is a reliable spot for healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner. Just don’t ask for a side of bacon or bread!

My go-to: I’m totally obsessed with Kim’s Congee for a savoury morning meal, and the Mexican-inspired Oaxaca bowl for lunch.

The atmosphere: The Spadina location is the best spot for a sit-down lunch. Most others can be found in the PATH where the atmosphere isa little more hectic.

Average wait time: 5 to 10 minutes

Average cost for lunch (meal + beverage): $18



Where: 420 Queen St. W., pokito.ca

The menu: A savoury selection of Asian fusion poke bowls and sushi burritos the that are assembled on the spot using fresh and vibrant ingredients.

My go-to: The spicy salmon poke bowl with spicy mayo sauce, sweet onions, edamame and seaweed salad served over brown rice

The atmosphere: Bright and modern with lots of seating, and free wifi!

Average wait time: 5 to 10 minutes

Average cost for lunch (meal + beverage): $17


Belmonte Raw

Where: The Exchange Tower at 130 King St. W. and 1022 Queen St. E., belmonteraw.com

The menu: This spot is a raw foodie’s dream come true, offering plant-based juices, snacks and meals to help your body cleanse and detox.

My go-to: I can’t pass by a Belmonte Raw location without picking up a bottle of the Uplift green juice and a pack of their Raw Falafels made from dehydrated pumpkin and flax seed.

The atmosphere: With black lacquer walls, white tile and pops of gold, Belmonte Raw looks more like a luxe cocktail bar than a hippie haven.

Average wait time: Under 5 minutes

Average cost for lunch (meal + beverage): $20




(Image Credits: Gracie at Equinox by Dave Gillespie; Impact Kitchen via Impact Kitchen Instagram; IQ Food via Blog TO; Kupfert & Kim via Butter PR; Pokito via Pokito Instagram; Belmonte Raw via Belmonte Raw Instagram)


  1. These look great.
    There’s another new healthy place I discovered at the base of the Aura bldg. in the Yonge-Gerrard Area. SUUP Health Bar opened up a couple of weeks ago. It offers up yummy salads, soups, fusion burritos — oh, and terrific smoothies. Healthy, vegan-friendly foods. Have been a few times and I see it’s gaining popularity among the 9-5 working crowd and Ryerson types.

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