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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Not Feeling Your Day Job? How To Feel Better at Work Without Quitting

By Kait Fowlie

how to feel better at work without quitting

Maybe your job is just about the paycheque, and you’re cool with that, but you wouldn’t mind feeling more like you at work. Maybe your office is the place dreams go to die. Regardless of how things feel, you want that fresh start vibe and it is TOTALLY possible to get that without packing up and jetting. Feeling better about any part of your life always starts with you taking control of your situation, and there is no time like the present to do that!

Keep reading for 7 tips for how to feel better at work without quitting:


What We Resist, Persists, Right?

So: Identify The Problem

Get clarity on the root(s) of the problem, and what is actually within your control to change. What are your darkest-hour bad feelings about, ultimately? Is it the fact that you don’t make enough money for the work you do? That your boss takes credit for everything you do? What is the one thing that it always comes back to? Take a breath, get real with yourself, and pinpoint it.

If you’re having trouble identifying any one root issue, make an epic brain-dump list of what you hate about your gig. Then, identify what’s in your control–or could possibly be in your control, to change. I also suggest writing this list as if you are not you, but rather, someone who really, really cares about you and wants to help you make this better. Because, yeah– they say the same mindset that has the problems isn’t the same mindset that solves them. So THINK like your own ultimately-loving guardian.

Don’t Stay Silent In Your Struggles.

Make It KNOWN, What You Need!

Give yourself all the possible chance in the world to have a better experience at work, even if it’s just for a short time. You never know what might happen – one awks conversation could make a world of difference. If you don’t ask, you won’t get. Get help with this, too. How have people around you made changes? Talk to them about it.

Rituals. Everyday, All Day 

If getting through your work day is painful, rituals are a place to start. These small actions that can totally make a major difference in how we feel, overall. This is not a woo-woo thing. Getting coffee is a ritual, going to the gym at lunch is a ritual. Rituals change our state, and can shift our attention to where we need it to be, so be really intentional about this! A simple power-walk or taking ten minutes to do a guided meditation in the afternoon could mean the difference between feeling totally hopeless and pissed off, and remembering we’re in control. It’s about getting back into the right perspective.

Take Breaks. Often. This Is Your LIFE We’re Talking About!

Your career is a marathon. That doesn’t mean you sprint the whole thing. Think about how totally overworked and unhappy you would be if you did that! Take breaks, do things you LOVE regularly, and give yourself enough time to be human and to remember who you actually are outside of work. Clarity comes when you’re in a relaxed state. From that place, you can start to see authentic solutions to a situation that can feel doomed in the moment.

how to make a vision board

Get You A 6-Month Vision

Or, a 3-month vision. Or a 1-month one. Whatever feels like it makes most sense for you. Where do you want to be in July? Or, this time next year? Get it down on paper. Having a vision is inspiring, and can remind you that you are actually taking the right steps to move onward (up and out of this job). Break it down into all the major things you need to do to get from point A to point B (maybe that’s, build your side hustle to bring in a certain income, or, apply to ____ job(s), get X certification, etc.) Then COMMIT to realizing it. Get a coach or a mentor if you need to. Make it feel real.

Invest In Yourself In Whatever Way You Can

Do whatever it takes to support your growth outside of work, whatever that looks like for you. Do it like you believe in you (as in: don’t cheap out). If you’re literally scraping the bottom of the barrel financially, consider swapping skills with a friend, or taking on a volunteer gig in an industry you want experience. There is always a way you can grow.

Quit Leaking Your Power

 Making changes is no joke! It often requires our whole strength. So focus on giving yourself the most props for getting through every single day at your less-than-stellar job, and do whatever you can do build yourself up. Notice when you leak your power in a day (when you fall into a mid-afternoon Insta-scroll-hole? Or, maybe when you let your shit-talk sessions with your go-to colleagues carry on a little too long?) Small actions really do add up. Be mindful of how your energy ebbs and flows through the day. You are always in control. Stay strong!



(Story by Contributing Editor, Kait Fowlie)

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