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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

The One Thing I Always Do To #GoBeyond With The #PowerofConfidence

By Gracie Carroll

Over the past ten years of my life, there’s one question I seem to get asked over and over by friends, colleagues, acquaintances and readers. This question has always revolved around a curiosity about where I got the lady balls to move down to New York City at 20-years-old to intern for Teen Vogue (whilst in the middle of completing my university degree, mind you), move across the pond to London, England without a job lined up (after my last day of exams), how I decided to put myself out there to start a blog, and most recently how I left the safety net of a comfortable 9-5 job to work for myself full-time. The answer, to me, has always been a pretty simple one, and it’s one that I think has been key to my courage, confidence and success throughout my adult life.

Sure, there’s no doubt that part of it comes down to a unique mixture of my innate drive, fiery ambition, and natural-born-hustler-ness, but, really, my answer always boils down to the fact that I wasn’t afraid to go after what I wanted. Correction, let me rephrase; I was afraid af, but never let being afraid stand in my way.

Looking  fear straight in the eye and telling it to get lost has been my main strategy for success throughout the past decade. Have I always succeeded? No, but, it’s worked pretty damn well and I’d guesstimate it’s had something around a 90% success rate for me personally. Conquering my own fears to go after my dreams was never something I thought about, it’s always been something I just did. It’s only been since I started to get asked by others about how and why I did something, achieved something, or succeeded in something, that it occurred to me that this one thing is — this thing called fear, and how you deal with it — is what has propelled me in life, and halted others.

My own fears mainly revolve one thing — and it’s likely the same thing that fellow career-focused, creative and/or entrepreneurial people face too — and that is FAILURE. The fear of failure is all too real, and it’s still something I struggle with every single day. But you know what? You also have to realize that it’s totally okay to fail. What’s the worst thing that can happen? You have to start over? For me, I knew that if moving abroad didn’t work out I could always move back home; I never imagined I’d have a blog that people would actually read, I just created it for my own enjoyment and to write creatively outside of work hours—now it’s my main gig; when I decided to leave my 9-5, I knew there would always be another office job waiting for me somewhere if I ever needed it again. Even at a young age I recognized that there are lessons to be learned from any and all kinds of failure — a failed test, failed cooking adventure, failed friendship, or failed relationship (the list goes on, obviously) — and as long as you pay attention to those lessons and apply that knowledge to your next venture in life (whatever it may be) you will be setting yourself up for a better chance of success and GROWTH.

So while I don’t have a magic formula to offer you, my best advice is to start working on conquering your own fear — big or small — every day, little by little. Maybe it’s with trying a new food that freaks you out, applying for a job you’re not sure you’ll get, or, heck, booking that last-minute flight to wherever it is you wanna go with no real plan in place. Know that we are all afraid of something (maybe even everything!) and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being scared. But, if it’s holding you back from doing something you want to do, working on facing your fear could be the key to giving you the power of confidence to go beyond and go after your dreams.

I must give credit here to my sponsored content partners at Schick® Hydro Silk® for asking me, as a #SchickAmbassador, to share my own #GoBeyond story to encourage you to embrace the #PowerofConfidence, and I’m so glad they did. Although I’m no expert, and I’m simply sharing something I feel strongly about — how fear gave me the power I needed to succeed — I felt compelled to share it in hopes that it might make a difference to someone, anyone or maybe even everyone who reads this.

Saying that, I would love to hear your own #GoBeyond story, or anything you do or have done to gain the #PowerofConfidence. Sharing is caring my friends, so leave a comment below to help us all learn from each other!

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Looking forward to hearing what you have to share!




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