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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Own Your Protection Like a Boss with The New XOXO Condoms by Trojan

By Gracie Carroll

Even though I’ll be celebrating 6 years with my boyfriend, Josh, this fall, it doesn’t feel like it was so long ago that I was just a newly single gal (back) in the city, experiencing the highs and lows of dating. You know what I’m talking about. With every exciting new prospect comes a slew of fears that can include everything from your hair falling flat, stumbling into bad lighting, or your date not being interested in you for more than a second opinion when out shopping.

Silly Clueless references aside, the pros and cons of dating are all too real, and I’m reminded of them regularly when talking to my single friends who are currently putting themselves out there in search of love. From what I gather, the search ain’t easy, even with help from the various dating apps that are now readily available.

When I was approached to review the new XOXO Condom by Trojan — a luxe new condom designed with women in mind — I was immediately intrigued. One thing I remember all too clearly from my days of dating was the timid and rather awkward dance you do end of the night, when you find yourself closer to a bed than a bar with your date. “Do you, er, have protection?” would be that imperative but ever so un-sexy question I would ask at some point, inevitably cutting things off at the steamiest of moments.

While I would too often rely on my partner in crime to be prepared with protection, I’ve always known that when it comes down to it, I needed to take ownership of protecting myself by having my own supply of condoms at hand.

Being embarrassed about condoms is, to me, about as stupid as being embarrassed about tampons, or any other feminine products. We need them, we use them, everyone knows why we need and use them, so what’s there to be embarrassed about?

But, of course, I can appreciate the desire to be discreet about the use of these products, especially when it comes to grabbing one from your bag before heading to the bathroom (or bedroom), or when your purse flies out your hands and displays all of its contents out on the street, for everyone to see. Yes, it’s happened to me before.

What I love about the smart and sleek design of the new Trojan XOXO Condoms is that they empower you to protect yourself with confidence, and eliminate any worry of being embarrassed by what someone might see if they peek into your purse.

These new condoms are pretty, feminine and they slip right into any bag (or pocket) no matter the size, so you’ve got no excuses. And if you’re thinking “But wait, I still see the word Trojan on that box!” rest assured that when you take these condoms out of the box, they are individually wrapped in printed packaging that shows no signs of what’s inside, unless you’re in the know of XOXO.

Now, Trojan is known for making the best of protected good times, so you know they didn’t only think about the packaging for their latest product. The XOXO Condoms by Trojan offer ‘softouch’ thin latex for an intimate feel, aloe-infused lubricant for everyone’s pleasure, and low latex odour so you can truly stay in the moment.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? I knew they were on to something when, even before receiving the product, I shared what I knew of XOXO condoms with my single bestie. “Would this be something you would want to use?” I asked, “WHERE AND HOW DO I GET THESE NOW!?” was her answer. The next test, was when I took the entire box with me to drink rose at the new Broadview Hotel and happily laid them out on the table without any passerby even blinking an eye.

Ladies, this is the condom you need by your side. For more information on XOXO Condoms by Trojan please click HERE.



*please note that this post has been brought to you in partnership with Trojan*


  1. I heard about these the other day. I hope that this gets more women to be in control and safe if necessary. Trojan did a great job and you’ve done a great job writing this post!

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