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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Ready To Werk It? Your Career Horoscope for February 2020

By Kait Fowlie

career horoscopes for february 2020

Those who were hoping to start 2020 fresh may have quickly discovered they had another thing coming – the new year got off to a heavy start. For all of us. In fact, we’ve already experienced some of the most intense cosmic events we’ll have all year, so we can all exhale a little. Don’t get too comfortable though – 2020 in general is going to be a wild one. The bottom line: The stars will see to it that anything soul-snatching but comfortable – including the office job you’re itching to leave, doesn’t make it through.

And February offers us a chance to bring our awareness to what’s not working so we can start to set ourselves up for success. With Mercury turning retrograde in watery Pisces on Feb. 16th, this is a month to edit our lives. Communication may get hairy, but we’re supported in going back and redoing what needs to be redone, reassessing what’s not working, and recommitting to what is. Then, when the sun joins Mercury in Pisces on the 18th, we’ll all be a little more connected to our deepest truth and feels. There’s no time like now to put the iPhone down, take a step back, and consider how you want to get your career onto the right track for 2020.




Here’s how your sign can werk it this month:


For you Aries, February is all about solidifying your most supportive, uplifting team. Since January 20th, the sun has been lighting up your 11th house of collaborations, putting your focus on who and where your key network is. You’re a natural-born leader – so who makes you feel like one? Who recognizes and values your skills? When Mercury turns retrograde in your 12th house of illusions and healing you’re called to bring your awareness to any intuitive nudges you may be getting about a colleague or someone asking you to collab. Trust yourself. More progress can be made when you listen to deepest knowing. Let your ideas and dreams incubate for now and you’ll have a clear idea of success that’s ready to pop come spring.


With the sun in your 10th house of career right now, the first half of February is all about securing the bag. Use this time to brainstorm some ideas around how you could create an even bigger structure for your success this year – perhaps it’s time to scale your business, or invest in some education that could help you take things to the next level? Make sure your big vision is aligned with your heart. Don’t deny any intuitive pulls to reconnect with someone from your past, either. Mercury retrograde in your social 11th house may deliver you some gems from a simpler time.


Your ruling planet Mercury is backtracking through your work and money zone until March 4th, so be extra careful about crossing your t’s / dotting your i’s at work – but also ask yourself: Is an opportunity or dream you wrote off in the past ripe for a comeback? Keep your radar tuned to any opportunities that pop back up, even if it’s in the form of an intuitive nudge. On the 18th the sun moves into your career zone, making the end of February time to consider your career goals. Your skills of versatility will be rewarded this year, Gemini, so how can you feel like you’re building a solid foundation without feeling boxed in?


You may have felt a little more private than usual this month, Cancer – with the sun in Aquarius and your intimate 8th house, there’s been a lot happening below the surface. Creative dreams and visions are percolating inside you, and you must give them time and space to become what they want to be. Consider what, specifically, allows you to feel like your career is an extension of your heart and soul? What gifts do you feel called to share this year, and how can you do it in the most uniquely authentic way? Wait until the new moon in Pisces on the 23rd, which falls in your expansive 9th house, to set intentions for your career growth. Higher up, or deeper inward? They may be one and the same for you, Cancer.


Leo, you are so much stronger when you can be a shining light for other people. This month makes that clear. With the sun in Aquarius and your 7th house of partnerships, your mind is on the people who mean the most. Connect with your key people and get in touch with your why. So often, we get consumed with the how of things, that we forget that the real driving force of our career goals is often the why. This is especially true for you, Leo – your sign rules the heart, making matters of the heart especially powerful drivers in your life. Consider any revelations that came through on the weekend of February 7th. The February 9th full moon beamed into your sign, putting your emotions on blast. What is all too clear now?


The way to shape up your career, this month Virgo? Start with your self-care routines. Health is wealth! With the sun lighting up your 6th house of daily routines and wellness until the 18th, you’re supported in fine tuning your systems for day-to-day success. Consider your nighttime routine, your yoga practice, your meal prep game, etc. Your ruling planet Mercury is retrograde until March 9th, which you’ll more intensely than the other signs. Your powers of perception will need a little extra support to shine like they normally do, so go easy on yourself and remember that your intuition has your back no matter what. Drop into meditation to get clarity on what it is your career – and you, need.


You may have felt particularly in-demand over the past couple weeks, Libra. Whether you’ve been shining all the energy and life force into the office, or you’ve been on a roll with your own side hustle or passion project, there’s definitely a vibe of magnetism about you right now. Thanks to the sun in your expressive 5th house, you’re poised to channel your energy into building up the initiatives that can really get you noticed this year. Just be sure you look before you take any leaps – with Mercury retrograde in your analytical 6th house, you can expect less-than-crystal clear communication, readaing and caption-writing, be sure to balance inner knowing with outward evidence. You’re the sign of the scales, so you got this.


The sun is in your homey 4th house until the 18th, putting you in the mood to set your place to be the chill space you need it to be after a hard day’s work. Or maybe it’s time to set up your home office once and for all? Ambitious Mars is in your money zone until the 16th, so now is a great time to bring your awareness to where the majority of your energy is going, in your career. Is your current situation supporting your long-term vision for your success – or, are you too drained after your day to work on the passion project you ideally want to focus on? Use this time to start experimenting with ways to make things a little more you.


With the sun lighting up your third house of communication and collaboration until the 18th, you may be feeling more in the mood to share than ever. What inspiration has been lifting your spirits lately? What have you been feeling called to say? Take initiative to get some plans in motion or even just start little fires and see where they lead. Maybe someone from your past makes a comeback and helps you amplify your message? Stay open to it this month – it’s the gift of Mercury retrograde. Just be very careful of making things official, or hitting publish, until after Mercury turns direct next month.


The spotlight was on you in a big way last month Capricorn, you might even still be reeling from the major action that happened in your sign. Consider any shifts that took place in January that altered your overall idea of success. Now is the time to consider how to implement changes in your work life that can help make sure you’re working for the results you really want, at the end of the day. The sun is lighting up your second house of money and values until the 18th, so check in with your money mindset and overall values. Just don’t rush any major changes – Mercury is retrograde in your communication zone, so wires could get crossed.


Happy birthday, Aquarius! With the sun shining down on your natural gifts of creativity and forward-thinking until the 18th, you have permission to do you. Prioritize a passion project you’re excited about and put yourself out there in whatever way you feel inspired to – your efforts will likely be well-received. When Mercury stations retrograde in your 2nd house of money and values on the 16th, it’s time to revisit your relationship to money. This is the perfect moment to create a budget that helps you out of any debt that may be blocking incoming abundance. Alternatively, maybe an old stream of income or offer is ready to make a comeback? Consider what’s piquing your interest now that maybe wasn’t before.


Your birthday season begins on February 18th, Pisces, when you get the spotlight. Use the final two weeks of February to consider how you could pour a little more heart and soul into your work – it’s your strongest asset after all, and how you can make the most impact right now. Wait until mid-March to make anything official though: with Mercury retrograde in your sign, you’re getting hit the hardest. Use this period to your benefit and revise your career goals for the year. The Pisces new moon on the 24th is one to feel into a sense of where your heart is calling you to move, now. Set intentions you want to take shape over the next 6 months.



(Story by Contributing Editor, Kait Fowlie)

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