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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Shop For Your Star Sign: Style Horoscopes June 2019 Are Here!

By Bryanna Brown

Horoscopes June 2019_NEW EDIT

Get ready to enter a different headspace this month as of June 4th, thanks to Mercury’s rapid transition into ultra-domestic Cancer. We’re getting in tune with our emotions while the messenger planet moves through this watery sign. Love and money planet Venus leaves sensual Taurus and finds priority in communication as she makes her way into Gemini on the 8th. We’ll be more interested in connecting with romantic partners on a deeper level while Venus tours this intellectual sign. Watch out for illusions on June 16th, all may not be as it seems — bountiful Jupiter in retrograde will square with dreamy Neptune. Hold off on signing on to any projects or making big purchases while these two planets are at odds with each other. A full moon in Sagittarius arrives on June 17th, helping us to open up to each other and share knowledge. We leave Gemini season behind on the 21st and move forward into intuitive Cancer. The summer solstice also marks the first day of Neptune retrograde, removing our rose-colored glasses. It’s easier to understand the motivations behind our daydreams while the planet of illusions moves in reverse. As we near the end of the month, messenger Mercury makes his way into bold Leo on June 26th. We’re ready to command respect and present our ideas in the best light possible.

Read on to find out what’s in store for your sign (and wardrobe!) with our Style Horoscopes June 2019!



The Five - The Christy Blouse

You may feel as though you’re being pulled in a few different directions, Aries. Your ruling planet, Mars spends the month in sensitive-yet-creative Cancer, slowing your actions. Your health and work ruler Mercury joins Mars in Cancer on June 4th, further encouraging you to take it a little easier in your day-to-day life. While these planets inhabit this water sign, why not dress in something that inspires you to connect with your inner artist? This cerulean semi-sheer blouse by The Five is sexy and comfortable enough to wear around the house, and pop out the door to meet with friends for drinks at a moment’s notice. It also makes an excellent cover-up for summer beach jaunts.

The Five Christy Blouse 159.00 EUR



Nin Studio Crown Scrunchy

Finding a money-mindset is your top priority this month, especially when it relates to your living space, Taurus. Your financial planet, Mercury makes his way into the homey sign of Cancer on June 4th. If you’re going to be getting down to business at home, why not feel like royalty while you’re at it? This suede crown scrunchie by Nin Studio will hold your hair back and ensure you feel stylish even if you’re just poking your head out the door to run a few quick errands. Double or triple wrap it for an oversized look that is sure to inspire compliments and envy! Pair it with an LBD or simple denim and tee-shirt for an understated and effortless look as the Sun enters your 3rd house of communication during the summer solstice.

Nin Studio Crown Scrunchy in Red Suede, 78.00 AUS



Aritzia Faun Pant

Neptune, your personal planet of career goes retrograde on June 21st, helping you to see your professional goals in more black-and-white terms, Gemini. Neptune represents dreams and illusions— when he moves in reverse, we can see through delusions and fantasies. Beef up your work wardrobe by adding a few more serious pieces that lend you the comfort you need to speed through your tasks so you can enjoy summer in style. This pair of breezy wide leg pants are a perfect addition to your closet, just in time for rising temperatures.

Wilfred Faun Pant, 120.00 CAD



Pixie Market - Silky Beige Blazer

Keep growing through what you’re going through, Cancer. The Sun is helping you to confront some profoundly ingrained inner truths this month, as he walks you through your 12th house of spirituality. Instead of tucking into your crabshell, he wants you to head these vulnerabilities head-on. Your thoughts become more precise as of June 4th, when introspective Mercury enters your own sign. Keep notes of your progress and celebrate your breakthroughs as the Sun lights up your sign on June 21st. It’s time for you to step into the spotlight. Drape yourself in a jacket reminiscent of your sign’s stone, the pearl to emphasize your glow.

Pixie Market Silky Beige Blazer, 219.00 USD



Fenty antisocial sunglasses

Your summer social calendar is filling up fast, Leo! Stay on top of your plans while your ruling planet, the Sun hangs out in your vibrant 11th house of friendship. By the time our summer solstice rolls around on the 21st, you’ll be ready to retreat from center stage when the Sun moves into your 12th house of inner growth. Go incognito in Rihanna’s new antisocial shades while you seek out some much-needed personal space. Listen to your intuition as dreamy Neptune goes retrograde on June 21st, helping you to tell the difference between fantasy and reality. Save your energy until your birthday season arrives later this summer.

Fenty Antisocial Sunglasses 460.00 USD



Beaufille Desina Dress

Work takes priority in your life this month, while the Sun attaches himself to your 10th house of career and social standing, Virgo. Make time to detach yourself from your devices when you’re off the clock and appreciate the rising temperatures. Mix in bright pieces into your work wardrobe to add a little joy to your daily routine, and drink up the compliments. This dress by Beaufille is a beautiful transitional piece that you can take to the office and to an impromptu night out with friends. Ease up at work when the Sun switches gears to your 11th house of friendship on the 21st. It’s time to connect with the people who matter most to you!

Beaufille Desina Dress 871.78 CAD



Vans Ying Yang Checks

You’re leaving your comfort zone in the dust, Libra. Invigorate yourself with education and travel as the Sunlights your 9th house of expansion. Now is the time for you to soak up as much inspiration as you can handle. To do so, you’ll need to be prepared to get your steps in without risking blisters. Sip into these psychedelic Ying Yang Vans, which represent the balance that Libra upholds. They’ll be the perfect addition to an otherwise basic outfit. Take them on as many adventures as you can until the 21st, when the Sun moves into your 10th house of public image and career.

Vans Ying Yang Slip-On 65.00 USD



The Liv Dress - Realisation

It’s time to shed your winter date-night outfits Scorpio. Enjoying the single life? You’ll be happy to know your love planet, Venus wants to stimulate your mind above all else. On June 8th, the planet of charm and beauty is moving through the quick-witted sign of Gemini. Attached Scorpios will be aroused when connecting with their partners over a few brain-teasers. Get into the action and trade in your usual go-to look for a silky piece that reawakens romance. This sweet 90’s inspired silk dress by Realisation Par will elevate your evening to rom-com status.

Realisation Par 245.00 USD



Zara balloon sleeve top

Your generous spirit is one of your best attributes, Sagittarius. Your friends, colleagues, and partners are blessed to be connected to you, and infectious positive attitude. The Sun guides your 7th house partnerships leading up to our summer solstice, weaving you deeper into exciting collaborations. When the Sun switches his gaze to your 8th house on June 21st, you’ll need to dive into some deeply personal transformations. The 8th house rules secrets which you will have to seek out on your own. Tap into your aesthetic an embrace trends that others may shy away from. You’ve got the goods to pull it off.

Zara Limited Edition Balloon Sleeve Top, 39.90 CAD



Everlane editor slingbacks

Build your strength, Capricorn. Your 6th house of well-being is illuminated by the Sun until the summer solstice. Your current focus is on helping you to create a physical balance to follow for the next year ahead. The Sun moves to your 7th house of partnerships on June 21st, placing stronger importance on your network. Pick up a pair of office-appropriate shoes like these slingbacks by Everlane. You’ll be able to make better use of your lunch-hour by being just a little bit faster than the rest of the pack.

Everlane Editor Sandal 155.00 USD



Staud blossom top

Take it all in, Aquarius! Your 5th house of pleasure is being lit up by the Sun, your personal planet of love and romance. Enjoy the pleasure peak until the first day of summer, when the Sun makes his way into your responsible 6th house of well-being. Don’t worry, the party isn’t over — our brilliant star bring joy to everything that you do. Look for new exercises and delicious summer recipes to support your healthy lifestyle after the Sun makes his move. Add an unconventional top to your workout outfit to spice up your yoga practice.  

Staud Blossom Top, 195.00 CAD



reformation menage sandal

A significant mental shift is headed your way, Pisces. The weeks leading up to summer solstice will be best spent supporting your home, and family. A double whammy arrives on June 21st, offering you a fantastic new perspective as the Sun shifts into your 5th house of pleasures. Embrace your creativity, and don’t take a moment for granted. Neptune, your planetary ruler, goes retrograde on the 21st as well, removing unrealistic goals and fantasies from your mindset. Take advantage of this rare time to get real about how you find joy in the world. Treat yourself to a pedicure and get grounded in some strappy sandals. This pair by Reformation does a fantastic job of bringing romance back to the mule.

Reformation Menage Sandal, 198.00 CAD



(Story by Contribution Editor, Bryanna Brown)

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