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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Shop For Your Star Sign: Style Horoscopes March 2019 Are Here!

By Bryanna Brown

style horoscropes march_editseven

We’re impatiently waiting to enter spring this month, but we can’t get started without a cosmic reset. Mercury, the planet of communication and short trips is going retrograde from the 5th until the 28th, imposing some restrictions on our day-to-day lives. The fast-moving planet will appear to move backward for the next three weeks, and each sign should follow suit in different ways.  My advice is to let nature take its course, and work on streamlining the small details in your life that cause snags. Whether you interpret these moments as emotional, physical or financial–they’re here to teach you a valuable lesson. What can you learn? Uranus our solar system’s personal instigator is leaving Aries and entering Taurus on the 6th, bringing the world’s focus to cash and work for the next seven years. He will impact each sign differently as he tours your houses! What are you ready to leave behind? Find out below and dress for the occasion.


everlane cashmere wrap sweater

You’re all about the go-go-go, Aries, but Mercury is asking you to slow-slow-slow it down! Your planetary ruler of health and work is going to be moving backwards for most of the month. Take a cue from the messenger planet and make yourself comfortable and casual! On the 6th, Uranus the planet of innovation and change is leaving your house and entering Taurus. This means that your focus will switch from action to finances for the next seven years! You’ll need to be educated about what you purchase. This doesn’t mean you have to work around a shoe-string, but consider cost-per-wear on items, and find out what gives you the most longevity for your budget. We’ve got a few more cold months, so why not snuggle up in a cashmere sweater?

Everlane Cashmere Wrap Sweater 120.00 USD



It’s that time of year again, Taurus. Your planetary ruler of finances is moving backwards on March 5th, helping you to reassess your cash flow. You understand the value of a dollar, so any purchases that you make during this time should be practical as they are beautiful. Uranus, the planet of radical changes enters your first house of self on the 6th, staying here for the next seven years! You’re going to be doing some deep self discovery so why not try to experiment with your look a bit more? Aldo’s spring 2019 line is full of easy to wear pieces like these robin’s egg blue mules. Their comfortable block heel will let you go where you need to with confidence and style!

Aldo Kedireclya, 85.00 CAD



Have you ever noticed the ebb and flow of your gift for gab, Gemini? Your ruling planet Mercury is going to be moving in a reverse direction, reducing your speed and re-adjusting your focus from the 5th to the 28th. Spend this month reconnecting, reading and revitalizing your spirit!  Uranus, the instigator of our solar system makes his way into your 12th house of spirituality on the 6th, spending his next seven years influencing your search for deeper meaning. Make time for meditation and get comfortable at home. Toss out any worn out clothing that no longer sparks joy, and treat yourself to something that makes you feel beautiful and cosy. This pearl button cardigan by Musier Paris will elevate your look and your mood!

Musier Paris Pearl Button Cardigan 90.00 EUR


Neophyte jewels

Be careful not to drift off too far in day-dreams during the Mercury retrograde, Cancer. The messenger planet helps to rule your spirituality, and when he moves backwards you might feel yourself disconnecting with your thoughts and values. Ground yourself by enjoying the comforts of your home, and hosting friends in your space. Planetary change maker Uranus is leaving your 10th house of career on the 6th, and entering your 11th house of friendship. Think of the career hurdles you’ve overcome! It’s time to kick back and enjoy yourself. The next seven years will influence your social circles, so think about how you want to present yourself to future friends. Channel the 90’s by clipping in some sweet-as-candy rhinestone hair clips by local designer Neophyte Jewels.

Neophyte Jewels Barrettes Price upon request or IG DM!


oak and fort Pant-3063P_Brown Print-1

You’re ready for the next level! Uranus, Leo’s personal planet of love is entering your 10th house of career on the 6th, shifting your focus from your 9th house of travel and learning. This influential planet will help you to overcome big challenges at work over the next seven years–are you ready to move on up? Mercury retrograde lasts from the 5th until the 28th, asking you to slow your roll when it comes to spending. The messenger planet is in charge of helping Leos manage their cash, so take some time to inspect your relationship with money.

Oak and Fort Top 58.00 CAD & Pants 88.00 CAD



This month, your priorities shift towards getting back to basics. Mercury, Virgo’s personal planetary ruler of career is in retrograde until March 28th. The messenger planet is asking you to reduce your output for the next few weeks, so that you can get back into the game stronger than ever! On the 6th, Your planetary ruler of health and work, Uranus, leaves your 8th house of sex, death and rebirth. He will spend his next seven years honing in on your 9th house of education, so that you can travel, learn and expand your mind! This water resistant backpack by Rains will help protect your tech whether you’re committing to the office or heading to your next class.

Rains Shift Bag 159.99 CAD


Lorette lingerie Panties_1024x1024

You’re incubating change this month, Libra. Give yourself the life experiences that you need to become the person that you want to be. Radical Uranus has spent his past seven years in your 7th house of relationships, creating waves, challenges, and strength. On March 6th, he will enter your 8th house of sex, death and rebirth, reforming your ability to handle loss, accept new beginnings. Mercury, your personal planet of spirituality and good fortune is going retrograde from the 5th until the 28th. Wear something that inspires you to draw inspiration from the divine feminine energy. You haven’t run out – you’re just recharging!

Lorette Lingerie Panties, 75.00 CAD


Aqua Sock's MUSSEL

Are you ready for a whole new vibration, Scorpio? Your co-working planet Uranus is leaving your 6th house of relationships on the 6th, helping to restore balance to your health sector. Now he’s ready to help you switch up your 7th house of relationships. Leave the athletic wear in your closet, and pick out some sensual new pieces to help your identity shine! These unexpected wet-look socks from Simone Wild will surely turn heads when you pair them with your favourite pair of heels. They’ll be a hit at house parties while everyone else is in their mis-matched laundry day leftovers. You’ll look both subversive and sexy!

Simone Wild Aqua Socks 55.00 CAD


adidas original falcon

It’s time to trade in your high heels for more comfortable kicks, Sagittarius! Uranus, the planet responsible for monumental changes is leaving your 5th house of pleasure on the 6th. He’s going to be spending his next seven-year cycle helping you through your 6th house of health. Get a head start on this move by treating your joints more fairly. Adding sneakers into your outfit and commute will help you through Mercury’s retrograde as well! The Messenger planet is moving in reverse through your love and career sectors so it’s time to take March slow and easy–at least until the 28th when he moves direct.

Adidas Originals Falcon 140.00 CAD



staud keaton bag saddle

Recharging your batteries is in order, Capricorn! Mercury’s first retrograde of the year will encourage you to chill out at the office and keep a close eye on your health. From the 5th until the 28th, the messenger planet will help you to revitalize through rest. During this period, think about what you’ve learned about your boundaries and ambition. Do they help or hurt each other? On the 6th, Uranus, your financial ruler is moving out of your 4th house of home and family and into your 5th house of entertainment. The planet of change will stay there for the next 7 years, introducing you to exciting new ways to let loose!

Staud Keaton Bag Saddle 345.00 USD



Thank your lucky stars, Aquarius! Mercury’s retrograde doesn’t twist up your world as much as it does for the rest of the zodiac. You should still keep your wits about you from the 5th to the 28th, while our communication planet is in a backspin. Before you kick back, it’s important to know that your ruling planet Uranus will shake up your life on the 6th. The planet of innovation and challenge is saying goodbye to your 3rd house of communication, and hello to your 4th house of home and family for the next seven years! Maximize your comfort level with this smock dress by Innika Choo and wear it out of the house when you need some fresh air!

Innika Choo Alotta GUD Peasant Dress 325.00 USD


eye of the tiger phone case

The struggle is only real if you’re struggling, Pisces. Stop fighting the flow of energy and float while Mercury is in retrograde. The messenger planet is in charge of your love, home and family zones, and when he moves backward, you do too! Take your time with conversations between your loved ones and dearest friends, as this movement can put the collective on edge. Adopt a laissez-faire attitude from the 5th until the 28th, and you’ll save yourself from burning out! Mischievous Uranus is making his way out of your 2nd house of finances on the 6th, after spending the past 7 years teaching you lessons about cash. He enters your third house of communication on this day, helping you to begin a new era! Protect your most beloved possession with a sturdy and stylish cell-phone case by Realisation Par. Too cool!

Realisation Par Cell Eye of the Tiger case, 37.00 USD



(Story by Contributing Editor, Bryanna Brown)

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