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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 Spellbinding IG Accounts To Follow For Witchy Style Inspo This Fall 

By Kait Fowlie

bewitched style

Fall is the most magical time for style, I say. For one thing, this is when many of us feel called to embrace our inner queen of darkness. As the days get shorter and nights get longer, we gravitate more toward boots, dark nails and lips, blanket scarves, etc. We want to ditch our light-as-a-feather beachwear and swathe ourselves in something a little more sumptuous.

Also, around now nature is becoming more vibrant, giving us all the reasons to experiment with layers and textures and generally choose how we get to show up in the world as temperatures drop. There’s a creativity prompted by this in-between season that’s not quite there in the summer. We can share a bit more of ourselves in our style, and indeed, to be intentional in doing so can be in itself, a tiny form of practical magic if we want it to be.

We communicate in our self-presentation, and we can share a bit of our soul! To embrace a witchy aesthetic is to do just that. There are, of course, as many flavours of witchiness as there are personality types (ie – the earth mama witch, the crystal-drenched new age witch, sea witch, the bohemian prairie witch, etc., etc.) and the range of them can be a soulful style-lovers playground come fall.

If you’re ready to embrace your inner witch this fall, here are 7 bewitching IG accounts to inspire you!

Gaby Herstik

Gabriela Herstik witchy instagram

Gabby writes a column in Nylon called Ask A Witch where she answers reader questions about practicing witchcraft in modern life and what it means to be a millennial witch. Her voice and her style has totally helped grow this subculture (as the self-proclaimed witch Carrie Bradshaw of L.A., we’d expect nothing less). Her POV is informed by a mission to explore the occult from an intersectional lens and her outfits reflect it. She’s like, Lydia from Beetlejuice meets Frida Kahlo meets Richard Hell. If you need a sensual selfie-permission slip, Gabby’s artful gram has yours.

Harmony Nice

harmony nice witch accounts to follow instagram

This 21-year-old Youtuber / Wicca-practicing lady from Norwich puts as much magic into her makeup, hair and outfits as she does her effort to share her spiritual journey with followers. The former Suicide Girl’s gram is a master-class in personal transformation (or if you like, glamour magic) Harmony Nice rarely looks the same, but always manages to merge earth-goddess vibes with vintage-boho-chic in a way that will have you coming back and checking up on the regular.

Adina Mills

adina mills witch accounts to follow instagram

This L.A.-based designer is responsible for some of the magically show-stopping gemstone jewelry worn by Erykah Badu and Bjork. For ring-lovers and crystal-lovers, Adina Mills is a must-follow. See how the artist herself incorporates her massive gems and stones–and rope, and wire, and feathers, and materials you never thought could lend themselves to jewelry–together in dark-desert-chic looks.

Bri Luna

bri luna witch accounts to follow instagram

The Hoodwitch founder has been featured in Vogue for her mystic manicures, but there’s a lot more to Bri than just her statement nails. She’s serving ‘everyday Magic for the modern mystic’ on her online shop in the form of vintage tarot decks, used books, crystals, cleansing tools and other magical trinkets. Her work harkens back to the wise women in the neighbourhood botanicas (magic shops) she grew up in, and her aesthetic carries that vibe too. Come for the bewitching looks, stay for the snippets of wisdom she shares.

Aliza Kelly

aliza kelly witch accounts to follow instagram

Allure’s resident-astrologer, Aliza Kelly has mastered the retro-psychic-hotline vibe (think: The Love Witch), and pairs her dramatic cat-eye and ample feather boas with a lot of beautiful cosmic wisdom. She’ll inspire you to check back for your weekly horoscope, and to buy a rainbow of lip colours.

Courtney Brooke

courtney brooke witch accounts to follow instagram

New-England-based artist and witch Courtney Brooke photographs her dramatic, gothic looks in cemeteries, open-fields, forests, looking like she’s straight out of Salem in the 1900s. If you watch Hocus Pocus every year and study the Sanderson sister’s dresses and décor, you’ll dig Courtney’s vibe. She also sells her photo-printed Tees, throw pillows, phone cases and other items on her online store.

Clio Peppiatt

Clio Peppiatt witch accounts to follow instagram

Not an influencer but a designer, London-based Clio Peppiate takes a page from Vivienne Westwood and Alexandre McQueen in its many references to occult. Luxurious fur and silk coats and dresses and bags are thoughtfully embellished with tarot card imagery and star constellations in a distinct hand-drawn style and if you’re witchy, this gram will basically be fodder for the wardrobe-of-your-dreams vision board. Lady Gaga’s a fan – nuff said.



(Story by Contributing Editor, Kait Fowlie)

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