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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Spooky Drag Brunch? Yass! 7 Halloween Events In T.O. To Know About

By Kait Fowlie


You’re too old to get a kick out of mini chocolate bars for an entire night, but too young to bow out of Halloween entirely. What’s a ghoul to do? Honour the spooky season with a girl’s night at an actually fun event (read: one that doesn’t involve lining up for a club, or spending more money than you made this week). These 7 events leading up to and on Halloween night will definitely help you and some pals scare up some fun. 

Keep reading for 7 Halloween events in Toronto to know about!


Nightmare on Elm Street at The Revue Cinema

nightmare on elm street screening toronto

This screening on October 26th is part of Revue Cinema’s drunken cinema series which showcases nostalgic cult classics from the 80’s and 90’s. Consider it an excuse to drink themed cocktails and watch a 21-year old, football-jersey-clad Johnny Depp run around an Ohio suburb narrowly escaping the clutches of Freddy Krueger. Horror fan or not, this classic, blood-soaked thriller will definitely get you into the spirit. 


Spooky Drag Brunch at Glad Day Bookstore

Because Halloween and drag go together like spanx and ball gowns! Come and haunt Glad Day bookstore on Saturday October 26th for a morning of delicious eats and performances by hosts ZacKey Lime and Baby Bel Bel. You can expect some major costume inspiration here. As well as a fantastic hangover cure. 


ZacKey Lime photographed by Kate Killet


GHOST Stories Told Live at The Garrison

If you’re a sucker for a truly chilling true ghost story, this event on Monday, October 28th at the Garrison will get you satisfyingly spooked. 7 local storytellers will take the stage and share eerie tales of experiences that have happened to them. Not for the faint of heart. 


Tinder Tales: Ghosted at The Gladstone

You don’t need to be curious about actual ghosts to have a good time at this storytelling event on Tuesday October 29th. We’re of course talking about the dating kind, here. Every October, comedians come to the Gladstone to share their own stories and getting ghosted. You’ll laugh, you’ll commiserate, you’ll feel comforted to know that we’ve alllll been there. 

buffy the vampire slayer tribute toronto

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Tribute at Buddies in Bad Times 

Those who love Buffy the Vampire Slayer tend love it a lot – so if that’s you and your crew, why not spend Halloween night at Buddies in Bad Times theatre paying tribute to your favourite millennial vampire? A cast of comedians and actors will be reading / singing-through an entire episode of one of the most beloved episodes of the show  – and lyrics are provided so you can sing along, of course. 


LowLife Cinema: Friday the 13th 3 in 3D

Here’s a fun fact about Friday the 13th Part 3: the film is shot for 3D and is actually responsible for pioneering the return of the trend of 3D films in the 80s. So, maybe you watched it back in high school and noticed some awkward cinematography like rats or snakes or yo yos being thrust toward the camera – it’s because those scenes were meant to be watched in 3D. Witness it in its authentic 3D glory at Eyesore Cinema on Halloween night. 

Friday the 13th 3d

Guts for Laughs at Comedy Bar

This annual Halloween show at Comedy Bar is all about comics ‘RIP-ing a horror movie to shreds.’ Previous movies have been Prom Night, Troll, Susperia, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, and this year, the October 31st event features a double header of proper classic bad flick in Elm Street 4: Dream Master and the lesser-known Nightbeast.




(Story by Contributing Editor, Kait Fowlie)


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