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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

How to Pull off this Year’s Sunglasses Trends

By Carmela Valencia

sunglasses trends featured image

A good pair of sunglasses is always a great accessory to wear, especially in summer. But, the perfect sunnies can elevate your style and confidence, especially if it’s on trend! Runway shows for the 2021 Spring/Summer collection predicted and displayed the season’s it sunnies, and we’re seeing the accuracy through countless IG photos from our fave celebs and influencers. Looking to up your summer style game with this year’s sunglasses trends? Just so you have an idea how to pull these designs off, here are some pegs you can try.

Rectangle Sunnies

Jess Hunt wearing rectangle frame sunnies

via @jesshunt2

We’re lovin’ how beauty influencer Jess Hunt styled her beige rectangular sunnies, matching her bodycon dress in the same color family. This sunglasses trend may stay beyond the summer season, since this design is the happy medium between oversized frames and super skinny sunnies.

Check out Linda Farrow to cop the look!

Sporty Sunnies

sporty sunnies trend

via @negin_mirsalehi

Along with the surge in sportswear and loungewear in clothing, the same goes for sunnies. We’re seeing a huge trend in wearing sporty-looking sunglasses that are still chic and cute (D-frames from Alexander McQueen and Saint Laurent are a big hit!). Although the style is sporty, you can still pair it with quite a feminine look; just make sure the color palette doesn’t clash.

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Gold-Rimmed Sunnies

Camila Coelho modeling LV's sunglasses on IG

via @camilacoelho

Sunglasses with heavy metal frames are totally in style this year. Even more popular are gold-rimmed sunnies. This kind of trend usually applies to more classic sunglasses styles, like pilot sunglasses and aviators, so you can freely pair this with even the simplest outfit. The sunnies alone would make your look more high-end.

Check out Louis Vuitton to cop the look!

Space Goggled Round Sunnies

Shay Mitchell wearing retro round sunnies

via @shaymitchell

There’s a retro and space-agey feeling with this sunglasses trend that makes its comeback more appealing. Instead of going for plain black frames and lenses, go for colored pastels or vibrant hues. Just take a page out of Shay Mitchell’s monochromatic dusty pink lewk! Absolutely love, love, LOVE!

Check out Mars Quest to cop the look!

Square-Rimmed Sunnies

oversized square-rimmed sunglasses style

Oversized square-shaped sunglasses may have been from the ’70s, but it won’t go out of style just yet. Pull off this look by going for your classic neutral tones, like brown and black, and it would go well with any outfit.

Check out Victoria Beckham Eyewear to cop the look!

Funky Futuristic Sunnies

Ashley Nicole wearing yellow futuristic-designed sunnies

via @ash3nicole

Futuristic and unique designs are all the rage this year when it comes to sunglasses styles. The funkier, the better! After the past year and a half we’ve been through, we deserve to be (a lot) funky. Experimenting with colors, layers, and textures when it comes to clothing goes best with this sunglass trend. Just look at how Ashley Nicole pulled off the look!

Check out Charles & Keith to cop the look!

Tinted Lenses

rose-tinted sunglasses style trend

via @ellenvlora

When choosing colored lenses, it’s best to opt for yellow, pink, or rose gold hues so you can match them with any and every outfit you have. You won’t have to worry about the colors clashing either because these sunglass colors go perfectly with any look.

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(Story by Carmela Valencia)

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