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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 Sustainable Denim Brands And Collections To Love

By Carmela Valencia

We all know how much work goes into making a single pair of denim. What’s more is that it requires gallons and gallons of water, not to mention the toxic dyes used for its production. But with the rise of sustainable fashion, there is also a rise in innovation to make way for sustainable denim. Although there are only a few brands utilizing and producing sustainable denim, we’ve found seven worth mentioning.

Keep reading to find out more about these sustainable denim brands you should switch to!

Soorty x Oak & Acorn

photo courtesy of Michele Marie PR

Oak & Acorn is the first sustainable denim brand that released a genderless and seasonless collection, paying homage to the story of the Indigenous Americans and enslaved Africans who contributed to shaping American manufacturing and denim. They partnered up with Soorty, which is the largest vertically integrated denim company in Pakistan, to bring the brand’s Only for the Rebelles collection.

Frank And Oak

via @frankandoak

There’s no need to look beyond our own backyard. Frank And Oak is a proud Canadian brand, with its roots in Montreal. Because of their high quality, eco-conscious clothing made of recycled and organic materials, the brand has garnered a cult following since its launch in 2012. Not only does Frank And Oak show its sustainability through their clothing production, they also show it through their ocean and neighborhood cleanups, tree planting, and office culture.

Warp + Weft

via @warpweftworld

Warp + Weft is a family-owned denim company that’s been in business for three decades. They have their own eco-friendly mill, which is one of the world’s largest textile manufacturers. This means they create high-quality, eco-friendly, and affordable denim. Warp + Weft only uses 10 gallons of water compared to the usual 1,500 gallons when making jeans. What’s more is they treat and recycle 98 percent of the water they use. Not only are their jeans sustainable, but it’s also comfortable and of premium quality without hurting your wallet.

Nudie Jeans

model in Nudie Jeans denim pants

via @nudiejeans

While the fashion industry demanded organic cotton as a fly-by and demand for the fabric is very little, Swedish brand, Nudie Jeans, did the opposite. Even before its first collection, its environmental philosophy was already intact. In 2012, they made all their denim with 100 percent organic cotton. This means that the cotton they source didn’t use synthetic fertilizer, pesticides, or biocides, which are harmful to the planet.

Aside from sustainability, the company also practices ethical workplace environment and transparency. Their workplace and company statistics are available for their customers to see.


model in Everlane jeans

For sustainable fashion newbies, Everlane is probably the brand most known. After all, it’s one of the leading and global brands on ethics, transparency, and sustainability. It first launched its first sustainable denim collection in 2017 and has produced minimal, classic, and sustainable designs since. What’s even more appealing with Everlane is that they’re more affordable than nonsustainable jeans. They only markup their prices twice higher than the normal five times.


model wearing DL1961 sustainable denim jeans

via @dl1961denim

DL1961 is a family-owned company in the denim business for decades. They have created the most optimized facility possible for water, energy, and dye use and have also created an in-house supply chain, allowing them to control and audit the entire process rather than using a third-party service. DL1961 only uses premium, eco-friendly fibers, meaning every item is of high quality. What’s more is that the brand always produces chic, yet timeless denim designs that can last you for years!

Citizens of Humanity

woman walking on street

via @citizensofhumanity

Citizens of Humanity is an LA-based brand and is one of the few denim brands manufacturing their products in their own facilities. As a California-based company, they have witnessed serious droughts, and so they’re committed to lowering their water consumption in every step of their production process. They also implemented environment-friendly practices, such as using laser technology, creating their own ozone process, using high-efficiency washers, and sourcing recycled and organic cotton. Whatever type or fit you want, Citizens of Humanity has a premium, classic, and stylish pair for you!




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