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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Tarot and Sobriety: How I’ve Healed Through Spirituality

By Hilary Thurston

Hilary Thurston - Tarotologist - Tarot & Sobriety

One of the greatest aspects of spirituality is that it offers a framework for healing. Tarot cards work as a modality through which spirituality and healing connect. This is how I use Tarot in my business and my personal practice.

I am a Tarot Reader and Mental Health Counsellor, and I am passionate about the healing power of Tarot. Tarot has been instrumental in cultivating self-care and supporting my spiritual relationship to sobriety. As someone who has a complicated relationship with escapism (*cough* Pisces rising), sobriety is spiritual to me.

Tarot speaks to sobriety through the symbolism of the Temperance card. Temperance is known as the Major Arcana energy that represents moderation, harmony and balance. The angel in this card pours liquid from one chalice to another, making the symbolic connection to drinking almost literal.

The angel pictured has one foot on earth, and one in the water. This represents her ability to stay grounded while navigating the flow of life. Drawn from this symbolism are two key concepts that have guided me on my personal path to sobriety:

Hilary Thurston - Tarotologist - Tarot & Sobriety

Hi, I’m Hilary!

1) I am part of something bigger energetically. Rather than seeing myself as part of the world, I try to engage with the world as a part of me. This small discursive difference in framing my existence triggers an energetic shift in my mind and body away from individualism and toward an empowering sense of wholeness.

Embracing this idea requires acceptance that I am no better and no worse than anyone else. It means accepting the shadow aspects of myself, re-parenting my inner child and forcing myself to act with self-care and self-love when I am most inclined not to.

2) Change is the only constant, and our bodies are the vehicles that navigate this ebb and flow of life, connecting us to the ethereal realm.

When I started to incorporate these ideas in my spiritual belief system, I saw my life shift in major ways. I noticed that changing my thinking patterns and belief system influenced a change in my energy and my choices. My relationship with myself changed, inspiring changes that promoted my wellbeing and the wellbeing of those whose lives I touch in my personal and professional worlds.

Temperance card asks us to practice emotional regulation, and exercise all expressions with a keen eye toward harmony. Temperance recognizes the balance that surrounds us, and that every part makes up the whole.

When our behaviours do not align with our sense of purpose or our soul’s path, harmony is disrupted and Devil energy ensues (Devil is the next Major Arcana card in Tarot chronology – learn more about the Devil Card HERE).

Hilary Thurston - Tarotologist - Tarot & Sobriety

Another key symbolism in the Temperance card is the exchange of water from one chalice to another. When using Temperance to reflect on sobriety, this image represents managing ones emotions, steadily holding boundaries, expressing the self while also maintaining personal safety.

The exchange of water is measured, careful and self-loving. This exchange happens over the heart space, reminding us to process internally, feel our emotions contained in our chests before communicating our felt reality to others.

Sobriety has been a journey in self-love, to be sure. Importantly, it has made me face my flaws with compassion. Building a healthy relationship with myself emotionally has been a necessary part of staying sober. I believe self-love is the cornerstone of emotional wellbeing.

If you are on a healing journey, whether managing mental health, addictions, other vices or health issues, I guarantee tarot has a message for you. It is an introspective tool that serves to connect you with your intuition. In my view, anything that supports intuitive connection will lead to growth and holistic wellness.

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(Story contributed by Hilary Thurston of The Tarotologist)

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