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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Tarot-Curious? Start Your Journey With One of These 7 Beautiful Tarot Decks

By Kait Fowlie

most beautiful tarot decks - black and the moon

Tarot may have exploded into a global trend over the past couple years, but don’t worry, that doesn’t mean it’s lost any of its magic. I believe that if tarot has piqued your interest, it’s done so for a reason! No matter who you are, or what appeals to you about tarot, your relationship with it will be entirely personal, and, you’ll likely find, it will deliver exactly what you need. The right deck can be a totally life-transforming tool.

I got my first deck when I was 11 years old when a friend gave one to me for my birthday. It was the traditional Rider-Waite Smith deck, and while I was intrigued, I was more afraid of it. The imagery felt so archaic and occult to me. I ended up giving it away. If I’d had access to say, the Lisa Frank deck, for example, I’m sure my journey with tarot would have started much earlier. Instead, I didn’t end up starting to read tarot until my late twenties–when I discovered a time capsule I’d written for myself that said I hoped ‘my future self would become a tarot reader.’ Message received! I bought a deck (Michael Tierra’s Herbal Healing tarot deck), and have not looked back.

Nowadays, there’s a deck for all personal styles and niche interests, and finding one you love to work with will help you learn the card meanings so much quicker than working with one you find, frankly, ugly. If you haven’t found the right deck yet (like, one that makes you feel like, ‘Yes. This. Need.’) then keep looking! But maybe you’ll find one here, in this list of 7 beautiful tarot decks that we’re really into.

These options all adhere to the traditional tarot system (78 cards, consisting of 22 majors, and 4 suits with 14 cards in each) but put a unique spin on the traditional imagery with highly instagrammable results. I’d recommend any one of them to tarot readers, new and seasoned. See below for a list of our favourite beautiful tarot decks!

The Starchild Tarot

most beautiful tarot card decks - the starchild tarot deck

The dreamy visuals within The Starchild Tarot Deck include interstellar scenes, sacred geometry art, pyramids, palaces and regal queens, make this deck feel like a gateway into the astral! Artist Danielle Noel used both digital illustration and hands-on paint in smoky pinks and purples to infuse this deck with a super divine-feminine vibe. Put on some dream pop and set up a spread with a bunch of crystals for a magically restorative self-care Sunday ritual. If you’re into following the moon phases or the planets, you’ll be able to see so much in the symbols weaved in each card. Price? $65.00


Bad Bitches Tarot

most beautiful tarot card decks - bad bitches tarot deck

‘Spirituality meets sass’ is what you’ll find in this Bad Bitches Tarot Deck designed for people who speak through their style. If you love flipping through a Vogue for inspiration, these cards, drawn in a fashion-forward, editorial style (think: illustrations you might find in a designers studio), will be your fast friend. Figures on each have a super-cute distinct look and style and you’ll likely be able to find yourself or people you know in among them. Take the cards for a spin before you purchase or get an instant one-card reading with the Bad Bitches tarot here. Price? $45.00


The Crystal Unicorn Tarot

most beautiful tarot card decks - crystal unicorn tarot deck

This Crystal Unicorn Tarot Deck will make your inner child sing. Creators Pamela Chen and Lisa Higuchi have subbed in cartoon unicorns for people in deliciously enchanting scenes (each card would look at home on a shelf in a candy store). Sometimes, the heavy issues in life need a dose of humour and light-heartedness, and that is exactly what The Crystal Unicorn Tarot delivers; you get the same honest messages of the tarot, but with more sparkle and ombre pastels. It’s cute AF, right down to the fluffy cloaks on the frowning unicorns walking in the snow on the five of pentacles. Price? $20.00


The Wild Unknown

most beautiful tarot card decks - the wild unknown tarot deck

This v photogenic tarot deck by The Wild Unknown is a visually-understated adventure into the mysteries of nature. Trees, twigs, animals, insects and starry skies invite you to see the magic in small or ordinary parts of our natural world. The artist, Kim Krans explains that the deck is named after “a place within. It’s the part of us we do not yet understand, but long to know. Some might call it the unconscious, or more specifically the creative unconscious. Some call it the great mystery, spirit, soul, The Self, source… magic, god… This force moves us toward growth, no matter how uncomfortable.” Ready to connect with the wildness in yourself and use it? Let The Wild Unknown guide you. (Warning: May inspire new tattoos.) Price? $40.00


The Fountain Tarot

most beautiful tarot card decks - the fountain tarot deck

As far as beautiful tarot decks go, The Fountain Tarot Deck one is a gorgeously complex work of art in its own right. Artist Jonathan Saiz’s ethereal oil paintings on each card draw on themes like human psychology and technology, art and spirituality, to create a totally fresh and also timeless take. The team of three creators behind the Fountain Tarot studied and compared decks from early Italian and French collections to the most modern and popular to extract ‘the essence of tarot.’ It’s all about allowing art to enrich your life and path to happiness. Price? $28.50


Black and The Moon

most beautiful tarot card decks - black and the moon

A long-time #TeamE7 favourite (and not just because artist Claire Goodchild is based in Toronto), Black and The Moon is responsible for some of the most stunning tarot decks we’ve ever come across. If you’re looking for a new deck that will please you visually and speak to your inner astro nerd, look no further than Black and The Moon’s coveted Astrology or Constellations Oracle Decks. Price? $50.00-55.00


Dust II Onyx: A Melanated Tarot

most beautiful tarot card decks - dust II melanated tarot deck

There is so much to adore about this sumptuous Dust II Onyx: A Melanated Tarot Deck. Artist Courtney Alexander has created a masterclass in the ‘rich and complex layers of Blackness’ with each of these mixed media cards, which feature symbols, history and icons within the Black Diaspora. There’s a haunting quality to this art–the faces in these cards look at you, like, into your soul, and each makes a statement. The inspiration for this deck came from the artist’s desire to express the depth and diversity that she wanted to see in the tarot but wasn’t finding anywhere. If you’ve been seeking the same, reserve your Dust 11 Onyx online. Price? $68.95



(Story by Contributing Editor, Kait Fowlie)

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