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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

The Official 4/20 Toronto City Guide From Women Who Know Weed

By Contributor1

420 toronto city guide

Anyone who smokes knows that April 20th (aka 4/20) is a pretty popular holiday in cannabis culture. But even if you are or aren’t taking part in the widely celebrated holiday, we want you to have a dope time in the city of Toronto. So to make sure this 4/20 is the adventure its meant to be, we turned to the experts Sarah Hanlon, former Big Brother Canada contestant and pop culture expert and Michelle Bilodeau, founder of The-Eco-Edit. Both are Leafly ambassadors and gave us their takes on where to get lit, figuratively and literally.


Where To Eat:

4/20 toronto city guide

Sarah Hanlon:

When I have indulged in a munchie-producing strain of cannabis, Patois is the spot. Bringing Caribbean and Asian flavors together really makes this place stand out, plus they do everything with perfect charm and style. Try the “Jamaican Patty Double Down” which is basically a bacon sandwich with patties replacing the buns. It is incredible. The Cheesy Jerk Butter Potatoes are also a favourite of mine. I’ve even tried to recreate them at home – they don’t taste exactly the same, but it is an experiment I am okay with having to repeat over and over again.

Michelle Bilodeau:

Burdock on Bloor West has a really great patio and they just brought back their spelt pasta, a classic from a few years ago. I already have a date lined up there with one of my best gals. Plus, I really love grabbing beer and pasta at Sugo, at Bloor and Lansdowne.

#TeamE7 Pro Tip:

Foodora will be releasing ‘Hot Boxes’ on 4/20 available for pick-up or delivery, while quantities last. The packages (sold for $4.20) will come packaged in a handy insulated kits complete with mints, sunglasses and a lighter. The Hot Boxes can be found on the participating restaurant’s page and will be given out in combination with their munchies meal. Um, score!


Where To Shop:

edit seven 4/20 guide toronto 2018

Sarah Hanlon:

Black Market Vintage was the first thrift shop I went into when I moved to Toronto and I have been in love with it ever since. Is it the “best” vintage shop for unique and quirky pieces? Maybe not (that honor may go to Tribal Rhythm next door or a Kensington market shop). But it does deliver the best selection of basics and staple pieces that everyone just needs in their wardrobe. Looking for jean cut off shorts for the summer? A camo army jacket to complete your Beyonce-army look? How about a t-shirt with your favorite cult classic movie character on it? Or maybe a classic cannabis reference? They have it all at Black Market Vintage and they also have a huge variety of fun accessories like sunglasses, hats, socks, suspenders, etc. You can even get a haircut there! When I want to create a look that stands out but doesn’t break the bank – Black Market always does the trick. In fact, many of my best looks on Big Brother Canada were from Black Market.

Michelle Bilodeau:

My favourite spot at the moment is KOTN. I love the vibe of the shop on Queen West and the online experience. And the fact that they have managed to create a business that is thoughtful towards the environment, while they give back to children in need, really checks all the boxes of what I want my shopping experience to have. Their cotton basics are now the building blocks of my summer wardrobe.

#TeamE7 Pro Tip:

Can we talk about how much we love Tokyo Smoke for a minute? OK good! They have so many cute cannabis accessories including rose gold grinder cards, beautifully designed pipes and well, great coffee at their shops. Plus, everyone needs one of the Van Der Pop stash bags. In our opinion, it could double as a clutch.


Best Place To Lounge

edit seven 4/20 guide toronto 2018

Sarah Hanlon: 

If you are a frequent cannabis user like myself, finding places to chill and sesh in our busy city can be hard, very hard! But I have the perfect solution and it has been in Toronto for over a decade. The cannabis lounge, Vapor Central, located on Yonge Street at Charles, is the perfect place for sneaking in a joint between shopping or a show. For just a $5 entrance fee you can grab a couch and table, rent a bong/vaporizer or roll and joint and just relax. For me it is a great place to work remotely or pop in while doing errands around the city. Especially in the winter or on a windy day, smoking outside is the worst. During the days Vapor Central is quiet and at night they run events like comedy shows and karaoke nights. It is a true gem, I always highly recommend checking it out!


Michelle Bilodeau:

I have recently started running again—my goals for 2018 are a 10k run in June and a half-marathon in October. I have heard of some runners using cannabis to help with training and recovery, so I am going to incorporate it into my training regime this spring. The idea is that, first I will take a little toot of my vaporizer and then a low-dose edible before I head out the door. The puff helps with the beginning bits of a run, and around the time that wears off (30mins), the edible kicks in for digging into more km’s. My favourite place to run in the city is along the Lakeshore, out towards Etobicoke. For my really long runs, I usually make it to the white bridge and beyond. It’s been over two years since my last half-marathon and that white bridge is taunting me! I will get there.

#TeamE7 Pro Tip:

The Hot Box Lounge and Shop has been a go-to spot for many in the cannabis community and this 4/20 they will be holding their very own 19+ event with 2 celebrations expanding throughout the neighbourhood including 420 interactive installations and music. You can get more details on Facebook here.

edit seven 4/20 guide toronto 2018


Look, we’ve all been there! We’ve had a great session with some pals and felt a bit too greened to get behind the wheel. Well, this 4/20 Lyft wants to be a safe, reliable, and affordable source for folks to get home. You save $4.20 off your next Lyft ride when you use the promo code ‘LYFTTROOPERS‘ in the ‘promos’ section of the Lyft app.


Happy 4/20! 



(Story by Contributing Editor, Ama Scriver)

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