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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

These Customized Fashion and Beauty Picks Can Be Tailored To You

By Alexandra Donaldson

Every season there tends to be a few standout picks that everyone just has to have. Case in point? Hair accessories—specifically those nineties-era clips—are everywhere. And while we love a good trend (yes, we may have picked up some hair clips ourselves), it’s also nice to pick up something that is tailored to you. It’s part of the reason why we love sporting our star signs on our t-shirts or our names on our jewellery. Well, we’ve rounded up some of the best customized fashion and beauty options to shop now. Some are simple takes on trends we love, and some are truly custom, but they all have you in mind.


Jenny Bird Monogram Hoops

Hoops have been everywhere for awhile now, but we were excited when we saw Canadian jewellery designer Jenny Bird offering her classic oversized hoops with a lettered twist. You shop these hoops individually which means you can pick your initials (or a loved one’s initials) to wear on your ears.


Province Apothecary Custom Serum

Toronto-based folks are lucky to be able to head to Province Apothecary for facials in the brand’s west-end spot. A carefully combined serum that truly factors in your skin’s needs is part of the experience, and you can order that custom serum to take home with too, reordering as needed. Not able to make it in? No problem, you can take PA’s skin-care quiz to help their experts determine what should go into your one-of-a-kind serum.


Tecnica Hiking Boots

It’s especially important to have well-fitting footwear whenever you’re active hiking or running around outdoors. It’s something that Tecnica has taken to heart and now in several locations across Canada you can spend twenty minutes to have a pair of shoes that are formed to fit your feet. They’re shaped through heat and pressure (you wear what look like moonboots to get your shape) for a completely custom experience that will leave you with some of the comfiest outdoor footwear you’ve ever worn.


Lancome Custom Foundation

Lancome is hoping to put an end to your foundation woes by offering up a completely custom foundation experience. A scan of your skin determines the exact shade while you can choose the type of coverage and take into account your skin type too. The bottle even includes your name and your complexion ID making it easy to remember your custom details.


Blend and Boost

The entire Blend and Boost lineup is made with your unique skin conditions in mind. Expect a personalized approach to skin care where your routine and the ingredients used in your products are only developed with you in mind. You will need to be in touch with a heathcare professional (think dermatologist) to get in on the Blend and Boost journey, but for a completely tailored approach to skin care it’s probably worth it.


Bite Beauty

By now you’ve hopefully heard of (and love) Bite Beauty, the all-natural and Canadian lipstick company. The brand has plenty of shades to choose from in its range of formulas, but if you’re looking for something that is all you, make sure to check out the Lip Lab in Toronto. You’ll have the opportunity to create a completely custom shade (with a customized scent too).


Vans Custom Shoes

If you’re a sneaker fan (and who isn’t these days) it’s probably hard to justify another pair—unless of course you get to customize that pair yourself. The Vans website offers up a service to customize one of its classic shoes and you get to decide everything from the sole shade to the upper colour and design to the fabric choice. If you have a personal design you love you can even upload that for your creation.




(Story by Contributing Editor, Alexandra Donaldson)


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