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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 Tips For Planning Out A Comfortable And Chic Winter Wardrobe

By Gracie Carroll

Threads tights founder Xenia Chen

Keeping a chic, yet comfortable wardrobe is definitely hard to do during the winter season, and Xenia Chen definitely knows that feeling. Xenia is a former investment banker and, now, founder of Canadian clothing brand Threads, which focuses on high quality tights. As a former office worker, she definitely knows and understands the need for these easily ruined piece of clothing and how its state can make you feel in the workplace. With her personal frustrations with shopping for tights, came the idea of the brand, which prioritizes quality (it’s made in Italy!), convenience and affordability.

Tights are something we often always use and can feel warm and comfortable in, especially during winter, and Xenia shares with us some tips how she uses them to stay comfortable, yet still chic during the season.

Keep reading to find out Xenia’s seven tips for a comfortable and chic winter wardrobe!

1. Invest in headwear that you actually like

woman wearing knitted cashmere headband

Knitted cashmere headband from Net-a-Porter

A hat is crucial for keeping you warm during the winter months (even though teenage me would’ve never admitted that!) so you may as well invest in one that you really love. There are tons of stylish ones on the market now. If you’re like me and have fine hair and get hat hair, consider getting a fun (but warm!) headband instead.

2. Over-the-knee Boots

Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee bootsXenia’s favorite: Stuart Weitzman Reserve Boot

Over-the-knee boots have been a staple in my own closet for years. While often an investment piece, these boots are super timeless, versatile and are the ultimate wingwoman –  they pair well with everything to jeans to shorter skirts or sweater dresses. Not to mention they’re super flattering and make your legs look great. Bonus: the fabric of the boot also acts as another layer against the cold.

3. Transition wide leg cropped pants from summer to winter with a pair of sheer black tights underneath

woman wearing Threads sheer black tights

Sheer black tights from Threads

I’m a huge fan of pieces that you can wear all year round. One of my favorite things to do is to transition summer pants into a winter look by wearing them with a pair of sheer black tights. My favorite is doing this with wide-legged cropped pants but you can also do it with a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans.

4. Take your summer dress or jumpsuit into a winter one by layering with a shirt underneath

woman wearing turtleneck from Club Monaco

Julie Turtleneck by Club Monaco

Similar to what you can do with pants, it’s simple to convert a summer dress or jumpsuit into a cold-weather one by adding a thin base layer. I absolutely love the Julie turtleneck by Club Monaco. It’s thin and warm and great for layering—definitely a staple in my winter wardrobe.

5. Style your coat into a dress

woman wearing Burberry Claygate trench coat

It’s no secret we’re all trying to extend patio season. This means your winter coat is about to get way more facetime than previous winters. Hint: now might be the time to splurge and invest in that coat you’ve always dreamt about. Style your coat into something more special by throwing on a belt on your puffer or adding a statement necklace or your trench or pea coat.

6. Lug Boots

5050 Lift Bootie lug boots from Stuart Weitzman

Lug boots are definitely having a moment right now, but not without good reason. They’re stylish, versatile, comfortable and practical. Their thick sole often has great traction, making it a more practical alternative than the beloved black bootie (although we love her too!). Changing your footwear changes the entire vibe of an outfit so think of the Lug boot as the bootie’s grungier, more fun younger sister.

7. Opaque tights under pants for added warmth

two women wearing Threads sheer tights

Opaque tights from Threads

One of the reasons why I love opaque tights is the versatility. I love layering them under pants for an added layer of warmth on those serious sub-zero days. I may be slightly biased but I love ours. They’re light and add an extra layer between you and the cold, without weighing you down or feeling bulky.



(Story by Editor-in-Chief, Gracie Carroll)

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