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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Welcome To The World AKA Ontario Fido Internet!

By Gracie Carroll

Fido Internet #FidoInternet

I never imagined Fido Mobile would be the one to save my relationship with my boyfriend, but I think it just did. For almost a year now I’ve been freaking out on my man about how much we pay for the internet at #CasaGC – something in his “territory” of responsibility. Despite suggestions I’ve offered multiple times for cheaper solutions, we’ve continued to pay ungodly amounts for our internet use. To be frank, I Netflix like it’s going out of style on an almost daily basis, but I still don’t believe my consumption could possibly lead to bills that hit the multiple hundreds.

As a happy Fido Mobile customer for years, I could not be more excited for the launch of Fido Internet which landed in Ontario just yesterday. FINALLY, there’s now an internet provider I can trust with pricing that reflects the great rates I get as a happy Fido mobile customer.

Best of all, this internet is SO easy to set up that even I – the extremely DIY challenged – can in fact do it myself. All it takes to set up this modem is plugging it into a wall socket! Seriously, no more waiting around for hours for a professional rocket scientist to show up at your door and help you set up the magical world of wifi at your home – with Fido Internet you can now get up and running all by yourself in mere minutes.

To celebrate the official launch of Fido Internet, Fido teamed up with the Toronto-based YouTubers behind Slow Clap for an Internet edition of “Explaining Things to My Grandfather”. See below for Ethan’s hilarious attempt at explaining the internet (and his internet fame) to Grandpa Joe.

If you’re wondering just how well-priced Fido Internet really is, monthly plans start at just $50 for eligible Fido customers. If that’s not enough for you to click HERE and get your Fido Internet order started, here are a few more reasons why Fido Internet is already the bomb.com:


It’s Internet Built For You:


It’s Easy To Set Up:


It’s a Sweet Deal:


For more information on Fido Internet and if it’s right for you, click HERE!

Welcome to the world aka Ontario Fido Internet!



*Please note that this post has been powered by Fido Mobile*

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