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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

What To Make This Weekend: The Hannukah Edition

By Blair Stutz

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There may be only a few days left of Hannukah 2018 but in our opinion, the party ain’t over yet. In case you’re heading to a lit (get it?) Hannukah party or you’re having folks over to yours to celebrate, these recipes have you covered and are easy AF to whip up. We def have a soft spot for classics but this year, why not take a spin on tradition with a few new recipes to try? From a healthier version of latkes to dranks and of course dessert, this’ll be the most fun (and delicious) Hannukah ever!

Manischewitz Spritz

manischewitz spritz bon appetit

For those who don’t know, Manischewitz is a very sweet Kosher wine that is synonymous with Jewish celebrations and holidays. It also could be something you and your Hebrew School friends at bar mitzvahs snuck into the bathroom and drank and felt soooo grown up. Ok maybe that last one was just me! This Manischewitz Spritz cocktail is made with bitters so don’t worry about it being cloyingly sweet and topped with prosecco, it keeps the celebratory vibe.



Brussel Sprout Latkes

brussel sprout latkes recipe edit seven hannukah

Looking to cut back on your potato intake this Hannukah? We don’t blame you. Opting for a semi-healthier fried treat is admirable and we salute you! Enter the Brussel Sprout Latke – still crispy, still everything you want in a latke but without the guilt and a little less heavy!



Chocolate-Nut Filled Rugelach

chocolate-nut-rugelach edit seven hannukah recipe

Rugelach is a quintessential Jewish dessert that’s usually a crescent shaped dough with various different fillings but this Chocolate-Nut Filled Rugelach recipe is a little different. The geniuses over at Bon Appetit have made this rugelach with a slice and bake technique and it’s a lot easier to manage than the crescent type so if you’re making these for a crowd – you’re welcome!



Happy Hannukah!



(Story by Assistant Editor, Blair Stutz)

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