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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

#WhatToMake: A Winter Wreath-Inspired Charcuterie Board with European Olives

By Gracie Carroll

*Please note that this post has been brought to you in paid partnership with European Olives, all thoughts and opinions are our own*

European Olives - Winter Wreath Inspired Charcuterie Board
They say food presentation is already half the battle. In the spirit of making (a lot of) time at home more exciting this winter, I wanted to share an easy DIY idea to give your favourite charcuterie board a little design flair.

Taking your charcuterie board to the next level, and designing it as a winter-inspired wreath can make it feel extra special and more exciting than the usual. Plus, it looks really pleasing and IG-worthy!

Together with European Olives, here I’m sharing how I’ve created a winter wreath-inspired board filled with their delicious olives and other complimentary treats that come together to make the perfect (tasty) statement piece for yourself, a (very) small gathering, or better yet, a fabulous surprise you can drop off (at a distance!) to some of your loved ones.

Keep reading for how to make this winter wreath-inspired charcuterie board!

Use Fresh Herbs To Create Your Charcuterie Board Wreath 

Make your charcuterie board alive and festive by using fresh herbs to make your wreath. For mine, I used fresh rosemary, bay leaves and sage to make it look fresh and healthy. Using fresh herbs not only makes your charcuterie wreath look nice, but it smells amazing and you can also repurpose them once done.

European Olives - Winter Wreath Inspired Charcuterie Board

Use European Olives To Decorate Your Wreath

Olives can bring vibrance right into your kitchen — or in this case, your charcuterie board. Decorating your wreath with European Olives provides a dual-purpose, actually. First, it signifies you enjoy the age-old European tradition of combining good food with good times. Second, you can use the different types of European

Olives — like the Flesh Gordal, Dark Hojiblanca and Versatile Manzanilla — as decorations that are also delicious snacks!

What’s more is that olives have nutritional benefits. So, it’s definitely worth it to incorporate them into your charcuterie board wreath as you head into a new year.

There are different types of olives, either categorized for oil-processing or for eating. European Olives offers different varieties for both — from Gordal, the fleshy pulped and large-sized green olive with the delicate flavour; Hojiblanca, the most popular table olive, with colours ranging from deep purple to black; and Manzanilla, one of the most popular eating olives used as a snack because of its smooth texture and lack of bitterness.

European Olives - Winter Wreath Inspired Charcuterie Board

Complement The Olives With Other Spanish Signature Delights 

Olives are versatile. They can be eaten as is, or you can combine them with as many ingredients or dishes as you like. European olives should definitely be complemented with other signature Spanish delights for your charcuterie board wreath. I combined my olives with manchego cheese, chorizo, jamon, and figs. The best!

European Olives - Winter Wreath Inspired Charcuterie Board

Use Olives As A Garnish, Whole And Chopped

European olives are very versatile, and you can design and eat them in different ways! You can garnish your charcuterie board wreath with whole, chopped, pitted, or minced dark and green olives. Adding a medley of colours to your wreath with different textures to experience and enjoy. An option I love is chopping the olives to top a fresh hummus (bonus if it’s an olive hummus!) which you can make at home or buy in your local supermarket.




(Story by Editor-in-Chief, Gracie Carroll)

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