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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

What I Wore: Le Chateau, LOFT and Brave Leather!

By Gracie Carroll


Isn’t it a great feeling when you pick up new pieces for your wardrobe that you end up never taking off? That’s exactly what’s happened to me with everything I’m wearing in this look.

Would you believe that this coat — a long wool coat that’s made in Canada — was found at Le Chateau for under $200? It’s madness! The shoes, which were only $150 and are made in Italy, were also found at Le Chateau. I also haven’t taken them off since I got them since they are so darn comfortable!


Now the dress. Oh yes, the lovely leopard dress from LOFT! This thing has been worn more times in the past few weeks than some of the items in my closet that I’ve owned for years. I love that it basically feels like wearing a big t-shirt, except that it’s in a cute and flirty cut.

The bag is by Brave Leather — a great brand to know if you’re looking for fab bags that are all made in Toronto. I love the abstract quality of this clutch that’s marbled in gold. Also, it’s big enough to actually hold all of your stuff when you’re going out which is a huge plus for any bag lady. And you all know by now that I’m the biggest bag lady of them all.


What I Wore: Leather cap by Danier, Sunglasses by Dior, Coat by Le Chateau, Dress by LOFT, Clutch by Brave Leather, and Shoes by Le Chateau.




  1. Love how you mix classic finds that are affordable and practical. It’s not easy to mix style and budget, but a true fashion lover can make a paper bag look glam… at least that’s how I feel. I’m all about dressing fab and being warm…
    thanks for the great inspiration

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