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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

WTF is Yoni Steaming and Why Should You Try It?

By Kait Fowlie

yoni steaming

Image via The Herbal Toad

If you’ve never heard of yoni steaming (also called v-steaming), or if you’re like, WTF is a yoni? Here’s a 411: Yoni is a Sanskrit term for the womb and female reproductive organs, and yoni steaming is the practice of literally steaming your vagina. Just like steaming your face to clear your pores, but this is about cleaning out your lady parts.

Basically, it’s exactly what you think it is, as Chrissy Teigen showed us. You sit on a stool with a hole in the middle and let herb-infused steam from a bowl of water underneath you penetrate your… yoni. Benefits are said to range from easing PMS symptoms to helping heal your relationship with your body, and it’s practiced throughout Africa, Asia, and Central America. Apparently, is as popular in Mayan culture as drinking peppermint tea is in American culture.

Curious? We spoke with Devika J. Singh, Tantric Sex, Self-Relationship Coach and Vaginal Steam Facilitator – who is “basically a sex witch” about the practice.

Edit Seven: What exactly is yoni steaming, and why would we want to do it?

Devika J. Singh: Vaginal steaming, also called “yoni steaming,” has helped women with a variety of conditions including endometriosis, fibroids, infertility concerns, low libido, PMS symptoms including cramps (it sure has helped me in this arena!), hormonal balancing associated with short menstrual cycles and decreasing infections including yeast infections and bacterial infections. It has been shown to also help with emotional trauma as well as feeling more connected to one’s body. For all of these reasons, I have found that this practice works incredibly well with my coaching practice.

There are different herbal blends to treat different concerns and, as a result, it is vital for people to understand which blends and course of treatment is right for them. It is also important for people to recognize if steaming is right for them since certain conditions can result in a person being (often temporarily) contraindicated. For example, a person should not steam while on their period or pregnant.

The Steamy Chick DIY Tutorial does an excellent job at providing a thorough list of contraindications. If people prefer a custom blend, they can also get in touch with certified practitioners who have completed the extensive Steamy Chick programs.

E7: How exactly does yoni steaming work? What makes steam so effective for cleaning the reproductive organs?

DS: The steam assists the beneficial properties of herbal blends to directly reach and absorb into the related tissues. Just like the skin, these tissues are also capable of absorption. This is especially why it is important to select the right herbs; this practice is practiced transnationally and is quite potent.

E7: What else is added to the steam for a treatment? What kind of herbs, etc.?

DS: A large variety of herbs from motherwort and nettles to rose petals are added to herbs but it is important to ensure you are using the right blend based on a variety of things from one’s cycle length to the reasons one would like to steam. I suggest checking out The Steamy Chick DIY Tutorial to get more help with selecting the best blend, or contacting a certified practitioner for a custom blend.

I especially appreciate Steamy Chick’s blends because the founder, Keli Garza, has completed an extensive amount of Chinese medicinal training to create her blends and the training programs she offers.

E7: When should you not get your yoni steamed?

DS: You should not partake in vaginal steaming when you’re pregnant / possibly pregnant, experiencing a viral outbreak (e.g. a herpes outbreak), menstruating, experiencing heavy bleeding, experiencing hot flashes, have undergone tubal ligation, have birth control that was implanted into the arm, and / or have recently experienced a miscarriage. Also, if you’re trying to conceive, do not steam after ejaculation / insemination / ovulation. You also want to avoid vaginal steaming if you have experienced spotting or interim bleeding (we suggest seeing an acupuncturist for this concern).

E7: Can you steam at home, DIY style? How might that by done?

DS: You can definitely steam at home. You can sit on a stool with a hole in the middle and include the heated herbal pot underneath you so that the steam can come through the hole. I strongly suggest wearing a cotton skirt so that the steam does not escape. People with shorter cycles (27 days or less) should not steam for more than 10 minutes.



(Story by Contributing Editor, Kait Fowlie)

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